It’s “Juice Time” in Riyadh!

“Beat the heat” is probably the most common idiom that could be heard or read during summer. Swimming at the beach and/or eating something cold and sweet are the most common poecilonyms of it.

Summer days in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as to other countries in the Middle East are longer, more tiring, and most of all hotter. Here in Riyadh, swimming at the beach is the least option when it comes to beating the heat because of the beaches’ proximity. Going for swimming in a pool (which is actually a bit challenging to realize on a weekly basis), malling, eating ice cream, sipping a cup of smoothie, or drinking a bottle of brain freezing juice is the ultimate alternative.

It’s a must to keep our bodies cool and our energy going high during this season. The more convenient and nutritious way to do it is zooming off to the nearest smoothie and juice bar. In my case, I only do that during my lazy days because blender is in the kitchen and fruits are must-have items in our grocery.

A week ago, I’ve visited this newly opened branch of Juice Time in Al Izdihar, near my place, for five times as we speak for two cravings: smoothies and fresh juice.

When I first visited its branch along Exit 8 opposite Al Nakheel Mall last year, I became an instant patron because of its orderliness, add-ins, and the visually appetizing fruit decorations. Then a photo opp craze talking it up was all over Facebook and other social media sites since as far as I could remember.

Juice Time have the best strawberry and avocado smoothies. Their lemon mint is also a bomb.

That said, the add-ins such as Slice Fruit (pomegranate, strawberry, kiwi, peaches, papaya, pineapple, mango, apple, & banana [SAR 9-18]), Fruit Cocktail (summer plus, fakfakhena, havana, jersey, tropicana, pina calada, dana time, agadir, Hawaii, estahani, refreshing, juice time cocktail, arausi, dobenk, awar qalb [SAR 7-11 & SAR 19-75), Energy Juices (viagra, coconut almond, & dates and bananas [SAR 6-12), etc. are equally tempting.

Their fruits are so fresh as can be gleaned from the color and texture. I haven’t seen one shrunken fruit since my first visit.

People are now more and more hooked into healthy fast food especially in the corporate world swarmed with workaholics who turn to fast food chains that offer low-fat sandwiches, but with little nutritional value.

The presence of juice shops like Juice Time is to complement that nutritional requirements that those fast food lack.

Juice Time focuses on providing the customers with the best quality fruits and products without artificial elements to ensure that they are at par with the trending market demands for consumer health, nutrition, and satisfaction.

Juice Time is definitely in the zone for this market competition by offering a superb varieties of fruits for juice mixes and equally healthy add-ins with amiable staff and 12 branches in the following locations in Riyadh:

  1. Al Murooj (+966505832424)
  2. Ishibilia (+966555314476)
  3. Wadi Laban 40 St. (+966537564940)
  4. Wadi Laban 60 St. (+966-558746885)
  5. Dammam Road (+966-556762536)
  6. Sulai (+966-557248483)
  7. Nassim (+966-550952476)
  8. Bandar (+966-55668672)
  9. Dirab (+966-555995380)
  10. Exit 9 (+966-556731081)
  11. Al Hamadiyah (+966-555414227)
  12. For Party & Bulk Order (+966-500024556)

Another good news is that this rising smoothie and juice bar continues to expand. Five more branches in Riyadh and Jeddah will be opening very soon.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. aysabaw says:

    litrato pa lang nakakareferesh na…kahawig ng concept nito yung Juice World sa Dubai na maraming prutas na nakasabit hihihih


  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    I still remember your previous blog post on summer and fruit juices. Juice Time looks orderly as you said, but also spacious and open-aired with fresh air for you to relax with a nice cup of drink. Not a shrunken fruit there sounds impressive. Fresh is always best, and you know those fruits are packed with nutrients to nourish not just your body but also the soul.

    I too like fruit juices, the kind that are not acidic because acidic tends to give me stomach ulcers. In general, I steer clear of orange, lemon and lime juices. Grapes, apples and berries are fruit juices and smoothies I tend to go for – freshly squeezed. Also I prefer no yoghurt in my smoothies because that just does not agree with me. Don’t know if the smoothies over there contain yoghurt or not, but I hear yoghurt smoothies are very popular in Asia.

    ‘fast food chains that offer low-fat sandwiches, but with little nutritional value.’ This is so, so true and you hit the nail on the head. Low fat and non-greasy corporate food court food seems to be the rage here in Australia – lean meat sandwiches with savoury or sweet sauces, noodles and burger patties with MSG seasoning, salads with preserved meat and so on. They seem healthy but actually are calorie laden. These days I like to bring my lunches to work. I wish I could have fruit juices and smoothies more often but they are very expensive here and fruits also don’t come cheap. That said, once in a while, it makes a nice treat.

    Another thoughtful post from you, Sony. Enjoy summer and walk around under sun as much as you please 🙂


  3. very much tempting and now that summer is getting hotter in Europe, makes me feel like home made juice which I always make we drink them homely made. beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting


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