Giving You A Million Reasons To Love and Travel To Riyadh

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    The city Riyadh that you are based in is quite something, and you showcase it so beautifully through your blog, Sony. With each post and photo that you show of it, it is colourful and brimming to life, hope and dreams. From what I’ve learnt from you, it is a modern city with a lot of respect for the past and history, bot of which it isn’t afraid to show off and combine with what it is today.

    I still remember most of this photos from your previous posts and also from your IG. They are truly memorable and I like how you have a meaningful caption to go along with each one. Not only are you describing each place as what it is and what it can offer, but you are capturing moments and memories as per how you experience it – unique and each of your readers and followers can experience it along with you. So many different places of Riyadh you’ve visited, and so many kinds of stunning, vivid photos – every bit the photographer there as much as you are a travel blogger.

    Thanks for sharing that word, idiolect. I learnt a new word today 🙂


  2. aysabaw says:

    Hello Sir…long time no see…

    Mukhang naguupgrade na ng husto ang KSA ah hehehehe


  3. Boots says:

    Hi Sony! It’s been a while! I have not heard from you in so long. I hope all is well!!


  4. vinneve says:

    How are you? It’s been awhile. Are you still there? Keep safe!


    1. Yes, Vinneve. Still in Riyadh…Keep safe too 👍🏽

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      1. vinneve says:

        I guess you cannot blog at the moment. Take care regards to Filipino community.


      2. Sure I will. About blogging, I’m really not into it at the moment. The current times somehow put my mojo on hold…

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      3. Struggling still but doing what I can to post something to say the least…

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