Panicuason Hot Spring Resort: A Perfect Place for Solitude and Relaxation

For the past few years, promoting a healthy lifestyle through nature immersion has been one of the blog’s major themes. The best way, if not one of the best ways, to do it is embracing and going on a solitude trip to a place where visitors are offered with fun activities, hiking trails, and a dip in naturally-heated mineral pools. In Camarines Sur, there is only one place that fills the bill: Panicuason Hot Spring Resort.

Located in the mountainous terrain of Naga City, Panicuason Hot Spring Resort is a great stop not only on a road adventure but for nature immersion, excursion, team building, summer destination, sweet escape, and, of course, solitude trip. This is one of the less populated parts of the city; hence, an ideal destination for anyone who is looking for an alone time or a break in a natural and undeveloped setting for just P250. This place is an easy getaway for relaxation via a jeepney ride for thirty minutes from Naga City and another “habal-habal” ride for about fifteen to twenty minutes from Brgy. Panicuason. It is best to go there on a weekday to avoid the crowd and the ideal time to do it is during summer.

Should you wish to stay there for couple of days or more, there is a hotel for P1,500 a night, which entitles you to an unlimited use of the hot pools of sulfuric water emanating from Mount Isarog. There is also an eatery that will look after your food cravings especially local delicacies.

I visited the resort in March 2017 to satisfy my curiosity about its natural wonders. I read good reviews about it from fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers prior to the visit. It did not fail me.

Other than the beautiful sights and the hot pools, what I enjoyed the most from that one-day experience was when I was having lunch at the eatery that provides a full view of the seemingly restless and purling stream flowing down from Mount Isarog’s rainforest and spilling through the fields. All the more when I started sipping my camote juice drink.

Indeed, the excellent company in a moment of solitude is either a strong drink or healthy beverage. I never so enjoyed a juice drink until that day.

The domineering presence of mossy boulders that give a more idyllic accent to the views is also a sight to behold. There is just an abundance of nature wonders in this place—from the boscage of ancient trees, thicket of flowering plants,  clump of vibrant grasses, to chirping birds and so forth.

Feasting on my drink while I was hearing the sound of the the running water in the stream was perfection! 

There is something about the babbling stream that soothes the mind and soul. 

Spending time at Panicuason Hot Spring Resort will surely make you feel relaxed, peaceful, and rejuvenated. I felt like I had a pair of new lungs upon leaving the place from that solitude trip.

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Panicuason Hot Spring Resort sounds not only a relaxing place to visit, but also a place with picturesque views. Amazing photos from your trip back in March. It seems like a bit of a way to get there, changing modes of transportation, but it is all worth it for a day of water, hiking and good drink and food.

    What a colourful resort from the lush greenery to the clear water to the minimalist architecture of resort building. I’ve never heard of camote drink before. Google tells me it’s some kind of sweet potato drink. You must have got a good dose of nutrients for the day. I love non-citrus juices when the weather is sunny and tropical – apple, pear, grape and any drink berry really I love. Better yet if there are different fruits mixed together, and with some vegetable.

    You might remember that I mentioned this before, that I am not a water person. Not a huge fan of swimming, and also not a huge fan of sitting in a spa or hot spring either. It is just me, and if you and others find relaxation in it, why not do it. If I ever come on a trip like this, I’d be focused on taking lots of photos 😀

    Lovely to see you again in the blog world after your hiatus. I just noticed that you hvae over 8,650 followers. That is such an amazing feat and you are one of the memorable bloggers I have ever followed 🙂


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