Egypt in 3 Days & 2 Nights Part 1: Grand Museum, Urban Scenes, and Misr Sunset

I have always marveled at the Pyramids of Giza when I was still in school. The dream to visit it one day though only took place last year. That was the time I collaborated with Photobook Worldwide for an (artist of the month kind of) interview—published on their website on 26 May 2016. One of the interview questions was: “What’s next on your to-do list?” My answer on a whim was: “To visit the Pyramids of Egypt (fingers crossed).” There was no plan at all prior to it, only interest and a (day)dream that suddenly cropped up after reviewing my answers.

With the friend’s financial help as well as FLYNAS’ unbelieveable promo airfare, I made it to Egypt last 17-19 November. That was the reason why I was quite surprised when I stumbled upon the blog’s “About Me” page, where that interview was posted as well, while loafing yesterday. I still feel overwhelmed at how the universe conspired to turn that dream into a reality.

Who would say no to an opportunity like that? Egypt is such historical and historic place; the Egyptian civilization has an unmatched appeal. There is something extra special about setting foot in the place.

Our trip to Egypt for three days and two nights began at the King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh when majority (Leonel, Mark, Sial, Mitch, and Junje) of the group posted about it on Facebook on Friday morning, 17 November 2017. That is obligatory and significant nowadays, I think. The delight was uncontainable.

Three hours later, we landed in Cairo. Our feet was in a terrible itch upon exiting the airport premises.

One good thing about having an itinerary prior to a trip is that it saves time and money as it provides you with a clearer budget overview.

After having a late lunch, rest for an hour, and countless usies on our room’s balcony, we officially started ticking the items off on the list.

We immediately went to the Grand Museum at El Remayah Square, Cairo-Alex. Road Pyramids, on foot. It is just approximately 400 meters away from our hotel: Intercontinental Cairo Semiramis.

Visiting the Egyptian Museum made me recall what I learned in World History back in the day. The museum houses an epic scope of Egyptian relics from the ancient architectural monuments, sculptures, paintings to decorative crafts. The most notable sections are King Tutankhamen and Royal Mummies’, primarily because photography is not allowed. We had to take pictures using our optical organs. Nevertheless, we all gazed in awe at each of the items displayed therein, respectively.

We wanted to do the museum justice and have fun at the same time so we did not overspend time looking at each item to avoid sensory overload.

All in all, it took us an hour and thirty minutes to navigate the museum.

We got out of there at about 5:00 PM—just in time for witnessing my favorite nature feat to take place: sunset!

The timing was a testament to how the sunset reciprocates the kind of admiration I have for it. Let these photos speak for this claim.

“Thank Heavens!” was what I exclaimed upon looking at the photos I captured.

That ever spectacular moment with the sunset should have been what capped our day off but it did not.

It was just the penultimate of the activities on that day; the dinner cruise did.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! You are having the time of your life, enjoy!


  2. Mabel Kwong says:

    You made it to Egypt! Though you only stayed for about three days, sounds like you packed it in, doing as much as you could – and sounds like that was the product of being well-planned and super organised on your budget. Very lucky that you got to see King Tutankhamen’s memorabilia. I remember learning about him in history class at school. Love the phrase ‘sensory overload’. I actually get sensory overload a lot…lol, it can be very exhausting when that happens but you do observe and take in a lot around you.

    Such stunning sunsets to end the day. That golden glow makes the place look and feel so warm. What a sight, and you captured it all from different angles.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview with Photobook and getting to know you more. Always thought you were a fitness freak, but never knew you did so many forms of exercise! These days I’m trying to be more fit by walking more, at least 2 hours on the weekends. Maybe one day we can walk together and you can teach me your photography ways 🙂


  3. Beth says:

    When will your dinner cruise post be? I’m waiting for it! I like your stories here! I must go to Egypt! 🙂


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