Egypt in 3 Days & 2 Nights Part 2: Dinner Cruise by the Nile River

It was already dark by time we got back to the hotel. We still had almost two hours to prepare for the dinner cruise at 8:00 PM. We used an hour for napping and the rest for other preparations, if there were any.

After making sure we have with us our respective wallets and mobile phones, we proceeded downstairs to meet the driver at 7:00 PM and by 7:45 PM, we arrived at Cairo’s downtown: Corniche El Nile Street, Garden City, Cairo 12654, Egypt. Our sacs were already growling for a refill by that time.

We took the two-hour dinner cruise on the Nile River on a boat called the “Nile Smart” with incredibly convivial locals from different walks of life.

Contrary to what we expected, the dining area was not located at the open-air terrace but at the very messdeck. The entertainment stage is at its middle where we witnessed the traditional Egyptian art shows (in chronological order: the belly dancing, Tanoura, & Arabic live music).

We were enthralled by the belly dancer who exuded the earthy, relaxed, and focused small movements and positively surprised at how she was treated by the crowd. Everyone in the room—from oldies, yuppies, students to youngsters—wanted to join her onstage the moment she started moving her hips. She was no different from a celebrity after the performance.

Everyone wanted to take a selfie with her. You bet we did!

The Tanoura dancer is equally enthralling with her gaudy costume and flamboyant tricks. I wish we could say the same thing though for the two singers. Needless to say the latter was what prompted us to enjoy the nocturnal view of the Nile River from the ship’s roof for an hour instead.

As for the food, it was plentiful and run-of-the-mill except the fish dishes that became our instant favorites. Beverages are definitely not free so make a note of that.

The debarcation took place at exactly 10:00 PM. We were brought back to the hotel within 20 minutes, faster than expected because of a traffic free road.

This part of the itinerary is a must experience because not cruising on the Nile River is no different from not having a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in Paris. After all, being in unison with the longest river on earth that smoothed the way for one of the earliest civilizations is, beyond question, a privileged experience.

Before I hit the sack that night, I feasted on the view of Cairo City at the balcony.

I also did this during a similar trip to Dubai in 2016.

There is a different beauty that comes out from the urban jungle as soon as the sun sets and all the lights go on. Any city shines in new splendor—literally—during this time and one can help but gape at its exquisiteness.

This is what practically completed my night along with an FB message to my lieutenant.

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    Wow, what a cruise down the Nile River in Egypt. Must be a dream that came true after hearing so much about it. It did look like a very entertaining trip, experiencing both local culture and the beauty of the city around you. Sometimes it’s not always about the food, but more about experiencing the experiences (okay, the food part itself is also an experience, lol). Always something magical about a concrete jungle after dark. Those shining lights are like big stars in themselves.

    Covivial. I learnt a new word today. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful and prosperous 2018 🙂


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