Serendipity on the Road and a Frolic on Ras Tanura Beach

It was the onset of winter. The barren wasteland sparkled like a fresh haystack in the wintry sun. The skies were turning dark and gloomy at Al Siddiq, Al Faisaliyah, but on that Friday, 01 December 2017, we were blessed with a perfect weather. That was one of the greatest natal blessings the host received during that moment, when we were all busy preparing food to bring to the beach. We had a loud, savory, and merriful, morning moment at the kitchen before we caravanned to Ras Tanura, with a group of new friends, on that fateful day.

My special affinity with the beach is innate. I am at my happiest whenever I get to soak up the sun; feel that tickly, gripply sand sensation; kill time; listening to people’s laughter frolicking; or hear the splashing waves…at the beach! These are what make the world around me undisturbed.

Ras Tanura is a small municipality located on a peninsula connected to the Persian Gulf. Geographically, it is the eastern province of KSA and it is where the oldest refinery on the coast is found. It is quite popular among tourists and travelers because of its long stretch of white-sand beach along said gulf.

The sun’s gigantic rays were already piercing through the place by time we got past the “security zone”. Before we went beaching though, we were invited by a good soul, a friend of our “friend”, in the area for a coffee inside an American-style abode.

We could not help but gaped at the interior upon entering. It felt as if we were in the US, especially with the high ceilings—and the Philippines because of that special tree. Afterwards, we were invited to hunt in a bazaar right in front of the house.

As a first timer for that fundraising sale, I was flabbergasted by the crazy prices of the items. We bought some stuff. Actually, we wanted to buy a lot more but most of the items belong to the kitchen and sala. You get the picture.

We drove off rapidly to the beach area after storing what we bought in the bunk. The misty and salty air was what greeted us upon coming down from the car.

Behind the gate is where the pulchritude of the place really lies.

Ras Tanura beach looks like an immaculate sailcloth portraying an azure placid water.

There are picnic huts, lounge chairs along the beach and the reception area, and cafes that offer decent foods and beverages.

There is also a dining hall, swimming pool, fountain, and playground for kids to engage in their activities. Trash bags are placed strategically to avoid garbage on the shore. By the looks of the amenities and the beach itself, we could say that the place has a commendable upkeep.

We could not stop taking a selfie at almost every corner and photos of whatever IG-worthy view in sight.

Until we got tired and settled at one of the huts to feel the vibration of the place.

A few minutes later, I decided to go for grounding; fill my lungs with the air therein; and hear the sound of waves crashing gently on the beach. My grounding moment was definitely a piece of heaven. Nonetheless, doing any of those always recharges me like no other.

Soon, we had to gorge ourselves on seafood and carbs. There is something about lunching, with bare hands, at the beach that makes us hungrier. Add to that the upswing in the available activities in it. So make sure you have plenty of food if you were to come here.

Later, we moved to the lounging area, where we found bigger chairs, to idle away, but one of us suggested to play some mind games instead, which turned out to be so much fun.

Ah, winter beaching has never been this fun with the games and these people. Each laughter was infectious and energizing. Each game was a blast. Everyone was joyfully hooked for three hours; in fact, we wanted more and more of the games as time went by. The clock’s hands though revolve really faster in times like this.

Thanks to the cups of coffee that re-tuned us a few minutes before we left. I must say those drinks were necessary. It was then time to give way to another activity that all of us are passionate about.

Cruising down the highway on our way back to Al Siddiq, Al Faisaliyah, there was this point when I suddenly felt the cool breeze penetrating my shield; it brought me to frisson. Then I felt a bolt of comfort being around the people I was with at that juncture; it just felt home…

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    ‘tickly, gripply sand sensation’ I smiled when I read this line from the beach-lover in you. I also like the beach a lot. While I burn too easily under the sun, I absolutely love the feel of sand under my tones and the sun shining on me 🙂 Ras Tanura looks like such a stunning beach, with the blue skies and waters on a lovely clear sunny day. The picnic huts not just look shady but also cozy. Lovely to sit around and share a cool drink with 🙂 Don’t blame you and company for taking quite a few selfies. Lots of sunshine, good lighting, place that makes you smile from within…all make for good looking people and good looking photos 😀 Seafood is the perfect kind of food by the beach. For me, I love having battered fish and chips and some fried squid and calamari by the beach.

    You mentioned it was winter at the beach. It looks so warm. Then again, I don’t think Saudi Arabia’s winter is as cold as it is here in Australia.

    Beautiful photos all round, Sony.


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