Riyadh City and the whole of KSA flaunting faces and ambitious plans on tourism

Ten months ago, I published a blog post titled “Giving You A Million Reasons To Love And Travel To Riyadh”. The post highlighted some of the holy city’s unique, modern, and ordinary areas adorned with visual spectacles. That was a collection of photos and snapshots that I captured in the last few years or until the first week of July 2017.

With the consideration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) relentless efforts in promoting and welcoming tourism to its territory during the last few months, sharing photos and snapshots of Riyadh that have captivated my optical organs and lenses recently or during the last 11 months is a perfect complement to the endeavor.

Prepare to fall in love again with the holy city through these photos, which are a far cry from a typical desert scenery. This time around they are exclusive of Riyadh’s cityscapes and architectural interiors and/or facades—small and big. All for the love of bringing KSA to a light of an accommodating, tourist friendly country.

Al Izdihar District


Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinksi

Danube Mall, Exit 5



Hillton Hotel, Exit 9

Java Time, Exit 7

King Khaled International Airport

New Haraj Market

Sultan Steakhouse

Tala Mall

TGI Fridays, Exit 8

The Cheesecake Factory, Exit 9

These images are only minuscule reasons to travel to and love Riyadh and the whole KSA. Thank heavens for the advent of Vision 2030 that paved the way for tourism to be put up as a pillar in the kingdom’s economy because a lot of changes are coming—for the better. One big move toward its realization is the lifting of cinema ban. According to Saudi Arabian Ministry of Culture and Information, the cinema sector, which already debuted last April 2018, will contribute an (estimated) over 90 billion riyals to the Kingdom’s GDP.

It is very interesting to see many other developments such as a series of street festivals in Olaya and other parts of the Kingdom and some of the changes in regulations. Soon, relaxing its stringent laws such as bans on drinking alcohol.

But if there is one thing that the world should watch out for with regard to KSA’s tourism projects, it would be the ongoing Red Sea’s that will turn a string of islands between Umluj and Al Wajh into a global tourism wonder. This area will be covering “50 islands, spanning an area of 34,000 square kilometers” (destinationksa.com) and shall be governed by laws on par with international standards.

For now, I am yet to see a movie at AMC Theatres in Riyadh’s King Abdullah Financial District.

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