Hollywood Circus invading Riyadh from June 15 to July 14

As you now know, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been drawing shows such as the Monster Jam (“Monster Trucks Crash in Riyadh“) that contribute to the development of the entertainment industry in 2017.

This time around, the Kingdom has intensified its efforts in realizing that dream of making the locals and expats of all ages can look forward to a year of entertainment as the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), once again, announced its 2018 calendar of more than 5,000 events that commenced last February. The calendar showcases a plethora of live entertainment shows (e.g., the ongoing Hollywood Circus) as well as events (e.g., the upcoming Sahil Festival in Abha) ever seen in the country.

We were fortunate to have been a part of said circus, which is located in Exit 9, in front of the newly opened restaurants beside Granada Mall, last night considering that it will just run until July 14.

Click on the photo to view the complete list of the upcoming shows and events in the Kingdom.

Our experience at Hollywood Circus made us feel all the more the budding open, touristy Saudi Arabia. This is a public place where photography is supposed to be extremely prohibited when females are around but nah. We really felt the welcoming Saudi vibe therein. In fact, to say that this country is friendly right at that moment is an understatement. You can shoot here and there. Nevertheless, caution must still be observed.

Smiles are just all over place as people—young, old, broken, whole, convivial, or grieving—flock to the entrance particularly when they see the newly installed public artwork called “urban light” composed of approximately more than a hundred street lamps with acorn bulbs arranged in a near grid.

This artwork absolutely makes for a superb background and/or transitory sanctuary.

The lamps collectively radiate an elaborate floral and geometric patterns at the base, with fluted shafts and white glass globes that cap them.

At night, they create an exuberant glow that visitors cannot resist.

We felt like we were walking through an ancient temple echoing an ancient Roman temple with a neoclassical facade like in the movies.

The magic that lights bring is undeniaby overwhelming. No wonder, almost every visitor we saw passing by would either pause to revel in or take photographs of it.

Another noteworthy is the accommodating staff around who were constantly beaming if not smiling. They radiated so much fun and comfort. And no matter how fleeting the scene was, it felt awesome, especially for mourning souls. We never know who’s holding a heavy chest in the crowd.

Once again, life surprised us here. We didn’t really expect that diving into this place straightaway from an errand would give us this feeling of amazement from a totally different deviation, I must say. Partaking in a worldclass circus in Saudi Arabia. Awesome! We were all the more impressed when we got inside—upon knowing that women are no longer separated from men (i.e., family from singles). John, Leonel, and I were seated beside a female, respectivey. Need I say more.

The show started at 8:45 PM. We were literally (now this one is for real) transported to a different world. A world dominated by people with unearthly reflexes and gravity defyers. Witnessing their performances on the platform was mesmerizing and life changing.

While we were gaping in awe at the acrobatics and that motorcross inside a giant metal circle, I realized that those performers may just be ordinary people, but what sets them apart from the rest is they do extraordinary things. They’re doing things most of us couldn’t: Trusting someone with their lives and their future. That is more than those death-defying acts.

Also, this kind of place is not only for kids. We, working adults, actually need it more than them.

There’s really no stopping the “evolution” of Saudi Arabia into a world-class tourist destination with all these events plus the upcoming tourist spots.

You can buy ticket/s online via ticketmasterksa.com, provided you have an account, or straight from the ticket booth at the circus’ entrance.

Click here for the map.

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  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    I saw all of these photos on your IG, and it all looked like such a great place to visit – from seeing dazzling lights to one of a kind memorable performances. It looked like you and your mob loved posing with the lights and lamps, and it’s amazing how all of them are arranged in a kind of symmetry. You are so right in pointing out that performers are every day people, and to work with each other performing the stunts that they do there needs to be a large degree of trust – and everyone believes in each other’s craft and everyone in that circus probably is family to each other. Lovely to see you again here, Sony. Hope all has been well and more safe travels for you 🙂


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