Starbucks Reserve’s Second Outlet in Riyadh

This is great news for coffee connoisseurs and lovers in Riyadh!

Starbucks has recently launched another “Starbucks Reserve” at its Takhassussi Branch in Tafaseel Centre. The second of its kind in the city.

Starbucks Reserve has an interactive and theatrical pageants to coffee making all for the purpose of giving a perfectly flavorful taste from each of the small-lot coffees.

To acquaint you more with what Starbucks Reserve is, when the word “Reserve” is tacked on after a coffee brand name, it is made to be the top of the line based on what I read.

There are thousands of coffees out there but only a precious few are deemed exceptional enough to become “Starbucks Reserve coffees”. For an average (you can even say below) coffee drinker like yours truly, Starbucks Reserve will surely redefine your appreciation of a cup of coffee once you get to see that amber glow of a Siphon brewer with its two chambers.

The lower chamber slowly pushes the water to the upper one where it get to “mix” (not meet) with the 25 g of ground coffee until it cascades back. Plus…the spiel of the coffee master/master roaster that uses time warp to propel your senses back to the brewing method’s intriguing history.

Simply put, it is an immersive space where customers can relax near the amber glow of a brewer like devotees praying in a chapel except there is that cup of coffee prepared right in front of you.

The chance of witnessing that kind of craft—making coffee as a sensory experience—somehow made me feel like I am privileged, even just for a while.

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