Captured in the Moment: 16 Sunsets from Riyadh’s Most Ordinary Places

For the past few years of being an overseas worker, I have learned to truly value the importance of sunset and the life lessons it taught me each time I marvel at its greatness and magic. Such that it is now known to not only inspire hope, happiness, travel, and even productivity but to cure nostalgia, boredom, or whatever that gives your chest an extra weight.

Who would dare resist its charm when it dances in front of you?

There is just something inherently calming and liberating about sitting on the beach or a cliff; gazing out the window; or standing on the veranda watching the golden orb of the sun falls yonder.

Sunset is my optical organs’ favorite food; it expands my soul to worshiping the Aura up there. It gives me perspective, wonder, time, romance, power, reassurance, and, most of all, awareness. And when darkness sets, I feel cleansed from the ripples of weariness and look forward to another day. I always call it a magical moment that all of us would love to partake in more often given the chance.

Sadly, many of us never take the time to appreciate this everyday gift that can be found and captured even in the most ordinary places. All it takes is someone or something to remind us of what we are missing.

So again, let me remind you that if you catch a sunset, make sure you take advantage of it. Put your life on pause; meditate;  revel in the moment; and simply breathe. You deserved it!

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