In The Limelight: Riyadh’s Tallest Skyscraper, Kingdom Centre

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been in a flinty horse race with the United Arab Emirates when it comes to the world’s tallest, plushest skyscrapers since the 21st century. As a matter of fact, the former is currently erecting the superstructure on the north side of Jeddah that will surely bury in the ground the latter’s Burj Khalifa by the year 2019.

To date, said superstructure is called “Jeddah Tower”, previously known as Kingdom Tower and Mile-High Tower.

My native land, Philippines, brandishes countless tourist spots but not swanky edifices that are simply effusive in where I am at the moment. At this juncture, the architectural masterpiece that solely wheedles my optical organs is the Kingdom Centre.

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There was never a time that I blinked at the Centre’s reflective blue glass facade that gasconades its peerless symmetry each time I pass by the campestral part where it was cobbled up.

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Based on what I read, the feather (i.e., inverted catenary arch at the top was described by the architect as Riyadh City’s) on the center’s necklace (namely 2005 Honor Award for Architecture, Minnesota Chapter, American Institute of Architects; 2004 Finalist, Professionals’ Choice Award, Architecture Awards; 2003 Skyscraper of the Year Award; 2003 Honor Award, International Council of Shopping Centers, 27th Annual International Design and Development Awards; 2002 Emporis Skyscraper Award) only constitute a fraction of the multifarious reasons why one should not get his or her eyes off this high-riser.

If you want to want to know more about this skyscraper and if you want directions on how to get there, please visit this website:

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  1. Love the sleek design. Amazing architecture.


    1. Hi, Hero. A compliment from you is a big deal. Thank you very much for it!


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