Ten Things to Love About Winter in Riyadh

The days have grown shorter; the nights have gotten longer; the malls have become a haven for sale hunters; the temperature has dropped; and you have lost that motivation to work out. These only mean one thing: winter has completely taken over.

While we adore the “hotness” of summer for it facilitates a plethora of outdoor adventures and activities such as hiking and beaching, there are also plenty of beautiful things about winter.

I’ve been working in Riyadh for quite some time now, already longer than my corporate life back home in fact, and I must say the prevailing climate is something I have learned to love as well—much as summer! So instead of complaining about the lazy days, Seasonal Affective Disorder, clinomania, among other not so wanted, I may say, behaviors that cold season brings, I’m choosing to hug it tight. Here are the reasons why:

1. Going on a desert adventure is way more conducive than during summer.

The dominance of the dropping temperature over the heat in the desert certainly brings out that adventurer spirit in us. Don’t we just love hiking or simply getting a feel of the desert with its magnificent dunes and escarpments during winter days?

2. Sipping a hot cup of coffee is an absolute bliss.

Imagine that moment when you are shaking from strolling or jogging outside and you drop by the nearest cafe for a “hot cup” to cap it off…

(It makes me want to zoom off to that underrated place called “Coffeetale”  nearby now.)

3. The blowing cold breeze whenever we open the door to go for a walk or whatever activity outside work or the cubbyhole.

It’s this thing that makes for a magical vibe here, not the snow falling on window panes. We’re not talking about the moving air during the freezing peak but the one floating during the first few weeks of the season.

4. Indulging in food such as the hearty chicken macaroni soups, miswa, rice cakes, pastas, and the likes.

We all deserve that kind of treat for ourselves. After all, winter is here for only five months (sometimes shorter) and we need extra calories to keep the warmth in our bodies (based on research).

So it’s okay to eat a lot.

5. Wearing winter clothes!

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The idea of being reunited with our favorite, cozy sweatshirts or jackets after several months is a simple happening yet riveting for this prevailing climate.

Surely, this season makes us look a bit more, stylish and cool with some thick clothes on.

6. Binge-watching is more exciting not to mention—extra—addicting.

Burying ourselves under a thick blanket just feels so good, especially when coupled with movies and/or TV series. And, a big bag of potato chips on the chest or lap. Or, this on the side!

7. Falling asleep effortlessly.

There’s something about being cocooned in that thick blanket or being snuggled into the abyss of a comforter. It’s the instant trip to the slumberland.

8. Gazing at the bluer skies that are no match to what we see during the hazy afternoons of summer.

The skies are at their bluest during these days of the year. The best food for the optical organs.

9. Feasting on the prolonged food’s shelf life.

While the fridge is there to do the trick, it pays to know that we don’t have to keep everything in it during this time of the year, especially tomato-based food or whatever that spoil fast during summer.

10. Savoring the crispier sunrises and sunsets.

Plus, the sun sets earlier and rises later.

That means, we don’t have to stay out past dinner time or get up at an early sub-zero hour to capture those beauties.

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  1. vinneve says:

    Beautiful photos, I like winter too in the desert.


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