Picture-Perfect Moment: Coffee Project’s Initiative

After a rigorous session at Pro Shape Gym, my body kind of craved a movie and a tonic drink. I dragged the commanding-in-chief to come with me to the nearest mall in the area, “Vista Mall”.

On our way to the entrance, we passed by this cafe called “Coffee Shop”. We were immediately captivated by the lights in it that really appeared literally magical. Like there’s really something inside that we had to see. However, Captain Marvel sent a message saying: “Hey, Pal. The last full show is gonna start in 10 minutes.” We then zoomed off to the ticket booth and finished what we came for there. The moment we saw the post-credit scenes, we again zoomed off. This time, to the place that enchanted us earlier.

The moment I pushed the door, the magic unfolded. Wow! Wow! And another w-o-w! I gaped at what I saw. I’m pretty sure she did too.

For a moment I was lost for words. I just found myself photographing the views around. Trust me when I say, the place is a wow!

For the first time, I’ve found a place that’s picture-perfect. This is the reason why editing the photos didn’t cross my mind—at all—when I was reviewing them earlier. Posting them right away did instead.

Unplanned dates are the best…and if coupled by an accidental discovery of a place that’s as praiseworthy as “Coffee Project”…Haven. Heaven. Paradise. You catch the drift.

Beyond the beautiful interiors, quiet corners, signature coffee blends, premium pastries, and warm service is the peculiar delight from that long talk facilitated by two of their cuppa jolt.

This is really one for the books.

If you happen to visit Naga City, don’t miss the chance to check the place and experience a picture-perfect moment.

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  1. Love places like this. Thank you for sharing—what a treat!


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