Ilocos Sur Tourism’s In the Spotlight: “Calle Crisologo, Coffee Break Vigan, and Plaza Salcedo’s Dancing Fountain”

The northern part of the Philippines maybe blazing but so are its tourist attractions. This is the reason why people still flock the Ilocos Region particularly Vigan.

Vigan is best known for its heritage village showcasing a preserved colonial town that gives a feel of walking into the realms of the Spanish era. The architecture are intact up to this day—from the numerous churches, houses, and commercial buildings to the cobblestone streets around the village.

All of those feature the fusion of both Philippine and Spanish design concepts with Chinese flair.

Supported by what I read, it is safe to say that the totality of this village reflects the confluence of different cultural elements from our very country, Europe, and China.

It was and is still the townscape formed from those elements that we see today.

And, no urban scene in South-East Asia will ever match its beauty. Vigan is the only World Heritage City in the country, validated by UNESCO. It is quite clear now why only tricycles are the only means of transportation within it.

It also made it to the New Seven Wonders Cities of the World in 2014. We walked through the hands of the clock within the entirety of the village, like a time warp.

At the end of the street lies a coffee shop that gained a special place in my heart: Coffee Break Vigan (#CBV). The mere sight of it at that point felt like heaven as well as finding an oasis in the desert. There is no better place to rest than here after a long walk from the calle’s entrance on a summer afternoon.

The distinct coffee aroma was already teasing our noses a few meters away from it. Surely, it did not disappoint. (I personally recommend their pistachio cheese cake. I never tasted anything like it and if I were to come back here, I will be bringing not just a slice but a whole of it.)

Whether you are alone or with a group, you will feel so welcome inside CBV. Soft and hard hues of yellow, maroon, brown, and black create a very inviting atmosphere. Paintings, signs, and photos, which make up for great decors memorializing coffee, swarm the walls. The Wi-Fi connection is a bonus.

But that is not all for that day. The transmogrification of the quaint structures lining up on both sides of Calle Crisologo from daylight to dusk is definitely a Kodak moment.

Catching or photographing the convergence of street lights and the soft hues of the sunken sun in the horizon is a must do!

Take delight in it.

We capped this adventure off with Vigan’s literally crowd-pleasing lights, sound, and water spectacle: The Dancing Fountain.

This show started at exactly 7:00 PM and lasted for 30 minutes.

Meeting Dimdac, setting foot on Vigan, and experience a four-day stay in San Pedro proved that we do not meet people by accident but for a reason. I would not have it any other way as far as how I and Ms. Wonderwall got to experience being sun kissed in the North. You aint really sun kissed if not from the Noth’s blazing temperature.


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