Eid Holidays in the United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi and Dubai

This weekend getaway for the Eid Holidays this year began with a 90 km driving speed on the illuminated highway of Al Kharj at exactly 9:30 PM where a scenic overlook of the city spread out like wildfire upon merging into the long stretch of pitch-black highway from Haradh to Al Batha.

The latter paved the way for another unique adventure that is definitely one for the books. It entailed getting past the completely dark highway with some good music in the background. Thank heavens for the headlight that literally lit the way for approximately four hours and, of course, the special playlist of our chief chauffeur, Fares, that awakened the high school soul in me (and Roland I supposed). It was totally fun and invigorating. It also kept us moving and conscious for the entire course of the challenging journey.

It is a privilege that we got to drive down the longest stretch of straight road in the world: Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 that is. Fact!

I commend Fares for the BSB/NSYNC/Siakol/Metallica songs to whatnots. After coming out from that stygian tunnel, my appreciation for a carefully selected playlist for road trips rose to the highest level. The playlist did not summon the traveler spirit in us but it saved us from the lulling spell of darkness.

This journey taught me once again that there is nothing like cruising the highway—no matter how dark—with some good music in the background.

Also, traveling to the UAE from our base by land is not as grueling as most people think.

There is fun to it no matter what; is definitely rewarding especially for sunset/sunrise chasers or architecture fan like me; and it is a lot lot cheaper.

While I was resting on the passenger’s seat waiting for the hotel’s building to appear, I viewed the snapshots I took through the car’s window from the barren areas of Abu Dhabi to the busy roads of Dubai.

It just dawned on me that returning to a destination is totally a new experience.

The thought of recreating some of what I have done the last time did not happen primarily because I went back here using a different mode of transport and with a different company. But really, I realized it is impossible to repeat the same experiences let alone interactions that I had the first time I visited Dubai.

We arrived at Holiday Inn Express Jumeirah at exactly 8:15 AM—starving but so excited and happy for the opportunity to relax and breath a different air, and for what comes the following two days knowing that we do not have a fixed itinerary.

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  1. Beth says:

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Well written. I just hope it’s longer. More, please!
    *You’re right. Nothing beats a good playlist on road trips!


    1. May Part 2 and 3 pa, Beth…thanks for this…na pressure ako hehe


  2. vinneve says:

    Hi how are you nowadays? Keep safe!


    1. Hi, Vinneve. Thank you for dropping by!

      I am well and the family. Praying you and yours as well. Keep safe and apologies for replying late…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. vinneve says:

        I am back now to NZ not in the UAE anymore. Regards.


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