Rambling Through Jumeirah And Dubai City At Night

When I first set foot on Dubai in 2016, I felt that I had already seen a large part of a modern city that represents the look of the future where nature, architectures, and entertainment blend perfectly. I thought it is going to take a while before I come back, like it will probably take a decade or more. Then 2019 came. The chance presented itself again and there I was with a different group of itchy feet on the 6th of June resting in one of Dubai’s economical hotels. Thanks to being an Elite member of the Intercontinental Hotel Groups (IHG) Rewards Club. I got a room for free through my points. Thanks to the company I am working for that is giving me privileges like this.

This trip was actually planned on short notice. That is why the itinerary did not welcome “convenience” for meeting up with relatives or friends—not to mention budgetary constraints. People already had plans a week or less before the Eid Holidays. This return trip’s theme, for me, is low key by nature and spontaneity was still the main one.

Undoubtedly, the city of Dubai just never fails to offer something optically pleasing. The architectural wonders keep on spouting. The dynamism of its culture, residents, touristic activities and places do not rest as well.

We actually arrived at the hotel earlier than expected so we waited for a few hours before we checked in two separate rooms. The influx of tourists contributed to the long wait. We all felt drained that we just used the rest of the sunny day for recharging—sleeping that is.

By 5:00 PM, we gathered at our room and talked about what to do in the evening. Fares, Mark, and Roland arranged a meet-up with our colleagues in Dubai. I am the only one who did not sleep during the travel so I gave them a rain check and went straight to the dining hall. I was certain it was imperative for me to rest more not to mention gorge myself on some find food and drink at that point. I went to bed right after and woke up at 10:30 PM. That was when my feet itched so I immediately took a bath; prepped; made sure I have my camera phone; and headed out to explore the area. Furthermore, my friends were not yet home.

I perambulated the streets for starters. Then noticed the air coming with a plethora of scents wafting from coffee shops on practically every corner. (One thing I find cool about any Arab country is the omnipresence of coffee shops.) It was also filled with the smell of different cuisines from the multitude of restaurants dominating the road sides. The salty ocean air and the oxygen from lush greenery added up to the relieving feeling.

As the dinner crowd bursts into conversations and food delights, I just stood there and watched the world beats at that moment—framing the scene in my mind.

I immersed myself in the electric vibe of the city’s spirited nightlife. I could not help myself remembering the first time I was here (Chronicles Of A Three-Day Trip To Dubai: “Night Walk and Swimming in Jumeirah”), in the same area but different spot. It is not the same…and it will never be.

I continued walking through the entire length of esplanade in the area until my feet got tired. On the spur of the moment, I thought of renting a taxi and negotiate to do a short tour where I will just take snapshots of the city. The idea was to target the corners or angles I have not been to and not able to capture the last time. Finding one and the haggling did not take long. A few minutes later, I was cruising the highways and busy streets of this modern city. Once again, I succumbed to spontaneity and I did not regret it. It made me love the place all the more as it fuels my muse again and again.

The more I explore it, the more I appreciate the wonders it lays on to the world. I will not get tired of saying Dubai is a night stroller’s dream. The different atmospheres I passed by and took in started to fill my mind—the colossal wonders piling up and marking the once deserted spaces, the romantic gleam of streetlamps, the panoramic vistas, the stillness of secluded corners, the distant expanse of water…it goes on and on and on…All of these make up for the exotic joys as well as mysteries of the beauty that is the city at night.

The latter is explicated by the ability of the night to create an alternate world where the smell and look of dominating scenes are quaintly different. The interplay of light and darkness with the concrete jungles present the aforementioned atmospheres.

I have never been so grateful for those few hours of digital disconnection. Thank heavens I did not register my SIM card for roaming.

I have also never appreciated my being insomniac until that night; it made me discover and understand more the sense of being transported to an alternate world that is the city at night.

From here on out, this activity would not be missed from my itinerary whenever I am setting foot on a new city. I have truly grown to love rambling at night. I owe Dubai and its wonders for this (Chronicles Of A Three-Day Trip To Dubai: “Deirascapes”).

My friends were all crashed out on their respective beds by the time I got back to the hotel.

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  1. Nice! I’m thinking of visiting Dubai in October.


    1. Go!!! You won’t regret it.

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      1. Which location is the best to stay at Dubai?


      2. Subjectively, Jumeirah…

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