Brew92° in Riyadh

There is really something about a visually appealing atmosphere and coffee. The taste and aroma of a cup of bean juice get better when served and sipped at Brew92°.

Since its opening in 2016, Brew92° has been attracting coffee lovers for its peculiar and powerful blends. I have personally witnessed this a few days ago during a random visit. The frequency of people coming in and out of the café for bean juice drinks is really high. Aside from the obvious visual attractions from its interior and well-spaced dining, should I say, drinking, area. Expect to settle in their comfortable couches and chairs as well as tables for those who are up to bringing a laptop and do some work. This is no table churning place but one that welcomes you. They absolutely appreciate customers and would not let them feel that they want you or us out as soon as possible so they can get someone else into the seats.

That is me trying to understand the relationship of aesthetics and space to customers’ frequency. As you now know, those are the things that make me attracted to restaurants or cafes. I am aware that they are not enough nonetheless. At the end of the day, their coffee blends are what will primarily gauge the success of the business. This was when I started finding answers to questions such as “Why Brew92°?” and “Why a carpet on the wall is an essential part of the overall atmosphere?”

With the reliable dosier’s aid, I learned that the name of this coffee shop was derived from water’s perfect brewing temperature that ranges from 90–96 degrees. Since the owner, Abdul Aziz Al-Musbahi, was born in 1992, he chose 92 degrees being the median of the optimal temperature range. Thus, coining the name “Brew92°”—with the minuscule zero glyph attached to it.

The concept was inspired by leisure coffee culture which is an “in thing” during his academic days in London. Upon his return, he translated the idea into his version by offering it as an alternative to the traditional Arabic coffee places. This is the rationale behind the birth of the business in his hometown (Al Khayyat) in Jeddah that primarily targets millennials as customers. Thank God I am inside that bracket albeit not part of the new. Also, the presence of British interior design studio Liqui Design in the scene.

Liqui Design is the force behind Brew92°’s modern look that exudes art, music, and literature. This is evident in the industrial look of the interior with touches of blue tones and greenery around. Add to that the divisions that particularly highlight the roastery as a separate place from the rest. What particularly caught my eyes though was the carpet behind the sofa near the entrance.

Apparently, it is a representation of the coffee shop’s latest flavor drink in a, I may say, revolutionary way through art on a carpet.

A visit at Brew92°’s second flagship store along Imam University in Riyadh’s Al Nada is definitely worth your time for a quick caffeine fix. The aesthetics certainly make the taste of the coffee scrumptiously good not only because they come from Gori Gesha’s expensive beans in Ethiopia. They indeed go together as a couple.

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