Glimpses And Magic of Riyadh When Darkness Falls

I was driving home on a random evening when the warm, orange glow of sunset and streetlamps knocked on the window frames.

Settling in the heart of Al Izdihar District a few years ago, I had grown used to seeing these city and night “scapes” but never did I capture them intentionally until earlier that day and later in the night.

The sunset, of course, served as a perfect prologue to what my optical organs got also hooked into: looking up in the sky with the lights on spilling a romantic look all over the familiar corners and streets.

I fall in love more with the scenery each time. It burns away the hustle and bustle of a typical, urban day.

I felt the sudden need to take a pause and take a dose of my NZT48 pill version: a cup of coffee.

A few minutes of silence ensued while engaging with myself deeply. In that momentary space of reflection, I felt an inexplicable rush of lights/darkness/caffeine-induced nirvana from the programmed noise and rush of the everyday life.

I can vividly remember that I had the same kind of evening last year as I was making my drive north, from where I live at, for an office errand to a familiar bookstore.

Like a moth to a flame minus the harm it connotes, I always marvel at lights whenever I pass by the main road up the highway.

Traffic delays become bearable with the views of the city in bright lights.

I crave liberation from a long day or week from time to time.

It is no question that life nowadays has become more fast-paced than ever. Such that spending, even just a little, time decompressing is more often than not forgotten. So I am really grateful I am in a place where coffee shops and beautiful scenery of lights are ubiquitous.

I have really gained a peculiar appreciation for architectural wonders that paint KSA particularly Riyadh because of these lights. With them around, we are always guaranteed to enjoy and perceive night and city “scapes” on a visceral level. It is a privilege to see what they can do at night.

When darkness takes over, the lights create a macrocosm of urban buildings in a dazzling display that puts the optical organs in awe and the heart and mind at peace.

They are an equation of optimism and kindness that light up a dark world.

I am encouraging everyone to see beauty in the mundane corners of the world like the ones in the photos so you may not need to travel so far to seize a piece of that awesome modern lightshow in Paris, New York, or Dubai.

It is all about being able to look beyond the obvious at the end of the day, when that famous “ten million dollar night view” of Kobe in Japan translates into your version—to make a magical moment on a random evening.

When I got home, I opened a book with blank pages and poured these reflections and musings out. I felt more refreshed and understood than ever.

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