Riyadh Park Mall: The Excellent Weekend or Weekdays Haven for Riyadhizens

If there is one mall in Riyadh that I would go to for a visual feast, it would be the Riyadh Park Mall.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been so keen on showcasing word-class architecture particularly malls and skyscrapers ever since I can remember.

It never seizes to impress the public when it comes to architectural product. This very mall and the soon-to-be world’s tallest building, Jeddah Tower, are only some pieces of evidence.

Riyadh Park Mall features an external retail boulevard with a ritzy shopping and entertainment destinations through its global and local retail brands alongside leisure components.

During my first, nighttime visit, what caught my attention was the interior landscaping that flaunts an al fresco theme and create a sense of a literal urban jungle within the mall (“Riyadh Park Mall and its Cinemas”).

I was even more impressed during the second visit because I saw a different side of its grandeur at a clearer, neater, and more vibrant perspective.

The cafés and ‘Boutique’ restaurants are strategically positioned.

Terraces are not only for gazing and smoking area but for outdoor food and beverage kiosks as well.

It also has valet parking for VIPs and an astonishing parking capacity for over 2,000 cars. Shopping and entertainment are made easy here.

Since its opening in April 2018, the public has been continuously drawn into visiting the mall.

It was no surprise for me when I read that Riyadh Park Mall won the “Retail Project Award” in the Cityscape Awards 2019 that took place in April 2019 at the Jeddah Centre for Forums and Events. That was a gathering and competition of more than “50 exhibitors” that are holding major projects for the Kingdom’s real development landscape (“Riyadh Park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”).

This is a well-deserved investment for the mall’s SAR 500 million worth (“Riyadh Park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”).

Overall, Riyadh Park Mall is absolutely an excellent place to unwind on a weekend in the city be it daytime or nighttime.

Note: Though the family day during Thursday nights and Fridays had been lifted some time ago, a single man or a group of men is not encouraged to visit during said days.

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  1. vinneve says:

    Is that a new mall? I have been to Jeddah many times with hubby on business… been to a few malls but not this one.


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