Reinforcement Hike on the Camel Trails in Riyadh’s The Back of Beyond

The Hiker’s Maxim: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time (J.K.).”

Simultaneous with all the hype going on about Riyadh Season “in” the city is the growing number of hiking groups exploring the outdoors—far from the glamour and busy crowd of the concrete jungle. Thank heavens for Riyadh has now made organized hiking trips really public. #yallahike #clubhikemania #hikemaniaclub #hikersofarabia #riyadhhiking #pltksa #hikefalah #saudi_discovery_hikers #najdhikers #saudihikers #rwsahikers on Intagram, Facebook, and Twitter are only some of those groups.

This week’s feature is the Camel Trails. I did my second hike last weekend, 18 October 2019, there. The Camel Trails actually have three trails: Camel Trail Nos. 1, 2, and 3. Camel Trail Nos. 2 and 3 are fenced off while Camel Trail No. 1 is open to the public. The latter is very popular because it is the easiest to reach but the catch is, the trail comes into two levels: the Monster Freak (High/Difficult) for daredevils and the Normal (Easy) for NARPs. I and two of my colleagues/friends, Frederick and Kelvin, being first timers at the place took the easy level, for now.

In the middle of the hike, one of the guides enthused that the entire area was a busy place for camel train, both for pilgrims to Mecca and traders to Riyadh, thousands of years ago.

Those things happened during the approximately an hour and a half hike on Camel Trail No. 1.

We started the hike down to the rocky and sandy bed of the escarpment. It was an easy hike on the whole notwithstanding the steep ascent back to the jump-off that turned into a hypoxic environment.

A few meters away to the base, I spent a few minutes relishing the staggering natural landscape in front of me. I was just so amazed  at how wonderful the world really is.

Reaching this part of the Camel Trails last Friday has reminded me, once again, that we are truly insignificant in the presence of these enormous tuwaiq mountains and as I was peering over the horizon filled up with vibrant sunset colors and the slowly emanating lights from the distant city. And soon, darkness enveloped everything around me. I was so humbled!

The hiking experience was capped off with a merriful gathering under the stars and Bedouin tents with some fun games. There was also tea and qahwa offering. These are all manifestations of Saudi hospitality which make guests like us from Asia absolutely grateful for. They make us feel like we are home.

From here on out, I am using this platform to promote the rustic beauty of the barren lands outside Riyadh City gates. The uniqueness of it and the fact that there is also life that unfolds out there most especially during the break of dawn and/or the sunset’s blue hour—when rock climbers, desert wanderers, or simply hikers partake in the appreciation of the wild lands; when they make time to be one with nature; when they live up to the lessons from nature such as the Leave No Trace and minimalism; and when they stumble upon one gem to another of an exquisite natural feature like those in the photos.

In the business of our city life with all the luxuries and conveniences of the familiar roofs, let us not forget that there is also another world out there into the wild, waiting not only to be noticed but more so felt for we are always one with nature.

Nothing beats returning home from nature trips such as desert hiking or mountain climbing with a renewed appreciation for Mother Nature and her bounty as well as with a heightened sense of gratefulness and increased generosity towards the things—living and nonliving—around us.

The Eco-Warrior’s Creed: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

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This hike is an initiative of the clubhikemania (Instagram) or Riyadh Hiking Mania (Facebook). They welcome joiners to all of their hiking trips and can be contacted via said social media channels as well as to HikeMania Club WhattsApp/Mobile Number 0533315773.

You will sure enjoy the company with their utmost dedication to the Leave No Trace  (LNT) Principles and the joiners’ safety and and fun.

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  1. AJ says:

    Desert and sunset make a beautiful marriage. Awesome shots, especially the first one!


    1. Hi, AJ. Thank you very much for dropping by and leaving such an inspiring comment.

      That’s after getting a glimpse of your blog and you. I’m humbled…


      1. AJ says:

        Wow grabe sir. I’m your fanboy. You have the eye.


      2. Hahaha…I say nataon lang mga yan, Sir. But big thank you for the compliment!🎉


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