20 of the Most Beautiful Sunsets in Riyadh from 2019

I have always claimed that sunset is the most reliable fuel to my muse. I pride myself for being able to articulate the fleeting experience it gives me each time I stand in awe or sit for pleasure during an encounter with this nature wonder.

Today is yet another special day because it is a prelude to a new year. It is also the time when year-end posts are all over the place, and there is an unwritten blogger’s creed that says I must join the bandwagon. I am simply inspired by the sunset and the collection of its pictures that I framed from the past few months. I could not think of something more apt than paying tribute to this nature feat that has been a big influence on my optimism and 2019 experiences.

The blog post “Journey to the Other Side” that I wrote in January 2019 is a narrative of the sports injury I sustained in the latter part of 2018; the surgery (Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction) I had undergone in the first quarter of the following year; and the physiotherapy I had to endure particularly during the first stage of the recovery process.

My affinity to sunset was and is still one the many life’s blessings that put me in high hopes of making it from that predicament. The rest were given life by people who supported me all the way—family, and, of course, friends whose values are more than champion trophies from badminton tournaments. I am indebted and grateful to you.

Seeing the sunset on my way home from or on the way to that 36-day physiotherapy from the hospital and, subsequently, the regular gym sustained my determination to come back stronger. Seeing it every day on the whole, reinforces my belief that when the sun sets, there is always hope and something beautiful out of the mundane.

It is for these reasons that I am sharing with you the 20 best sunset photos from the byproducts of my random day outs and economical trips in 2019.

Let me remind you once again that if you catch a sunset, make sure you take advantage of it. Put your life on pause; meditate;  revel in the moment; and simply breathe. Remember that sunset is not just an amazing nature feat but a magical moment. And, you do not have to go to a different country or spend money to capture its best, most especially if you back it up with a sincere story or a good caption.

Cheers to another beautiful year and more sunset photos in 2020!

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  1. Boots says:

    Hey Sony! It’s been a while eh! Hope you’re doing fine!

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    1. Hello, Boots! I’m fine and thank you for dropping by. Happy New Year!

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  2. Kelvin says:

    Bro will you do Italy for me? … Especially Rome. Please take me and or us with you through your lens and incredibly intricate story telling.

    You should see my pumped up face right now thinking of your next big project. Haha..

    From one of your die hard reactor and follower. 😊😊😊😂😂😂

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    1. Thank you, Bro…Keeping my fingers crossed for that 🙂

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