Riyadhizens, People of Saudi Arabia, Let’s Make it Green!

While digging the modern dossier earlier today, 29 March 2021, pertinent to the #LetsMakeItGreen campaign, I have come across a familiar name, who, apparently was the former CEO of the company I am working for. He was one of the many leaders in the workplace — with reputation. He had truly given the company’s ship a smooth sail during his stint. Taking part in said campaign on this very day was, eventually, a tribute to his good name. He currently leads the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA).

The “#LetsMakeItGreen” campaign is Saudi Arabia’s project geared towards reduction of desertification in the Kingdom, which falls under Vision 2030 plan to achieve environmental sustainability by the end of the decade. I have covered some of the details in the blog post titled “Greenest, Lushest Park of Riyadh City“. It was started in 10 October 2020 to promote planting of trees in the Saudi Arabian lands. The target number of trees to be planted by 30 August 2021 is 10 million.

“Saudi Arabia loses 120,000 hectares of trees every year through destruction and the logging industry. The environment ministry explained that the campaign comes as part of its efforts to work on developing natural vegetation cover and restoring biological diversity in natural environments, as well as rehabilitating degraded vegetation sites” (arabnews.com).

I have always claimed that I am a struggling servant of the Earth. Truth be told, I am not in an ideal place where saving the environment is possible — all the time. The same goes for the majority of expatriates here. Nevertheless, that does not steers me away from the lesson I took to heart during my mountaineering days in the home country (“No Plastic Bags Policy”). That lesson is encapsulated in the “Leave No Trace” principles, particularly protecting the environment (“The Struggling Servant of Mother Nature“). I seize every opportunity to live by it (“No Matter What, Recycling is Worth the Effort“).

So when I received an email about the campaign last Thursday, 25 March 2021, from the Internal Communications Department, I signified my intention right away. I was put on cloud nine! Above all, it also became an instant source of pride. Pride that emanates from knowing that the company I work for is giving a massive commitment to its Sustainability endeavors. Supporting MEWA in the ongoing campaign is an attestation to the commitment. It is one of the many small-scale initiatives that make an impact on the campaign, our lives, and the planet.

I am just an ordinary person but I feel really obliged to give Saudi Arabia a huge commendation for a job well done at this point.   

On the other hand, I am encouraging every Riyadhizen (as “The Pink Tarha” calls us), to espy the greening of the City. In case you have not noticed yet, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of visible trees around. Take a moment to marvel at them and express your appreciation whatever manner is ethically and lawfully acceptable.

It is true. Nothing articulates the word “hope” better than planting a tree, especially where we are currently at, after all that happened…Think of its ripple effect.

The contemporary world has been keeping us hooked to its promise of social currency and instant gratification.

It is an opportune time to revisit that part of ourselves that is connected to nature. To tap the part of the brain that cares for the environment. In a place like Riyadh where this earnest call is something not doable in most cases, resourcefulness is the key. One way is venturing into indoor garden. Plants inside a room or the house do make a difference. Here is the blog post that covers my sentiment to the cause (“Back to Basics with Indoor Plants in Riyadh“). If you cannot plant a tree, buy one pothos or your version of its equivalent for your room instead.

A piece of “living green” in sight reminds us of our connection to nature….to the environment. We are one. We coexist together. It is imperative that we protect each other. 

Riyadhizens, People of Saudi Arabia, let us, therefore, heed to the call: Make the environment green!


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