A Transitory Taste of The Philippines at Strawberry Farm in Al Kharj

One of the things I’m most particular about is preparing my own food. To say that I find joy in doing it is an understatement. 

Most of the time, I (only) crave foods if prepared by me because there’s certainty that they’re prepared well. Let me put it this way: Sometimes, I refuse to eat foods I didn’t prepare. (An obsessive-compulsive trait of some sort, if you may.)

The experience of visiting this farm called “Strawberry Lake” in Al Kharj last 14 May 2021, after the weekly badminton queuing, for this year’s Eid holidays was quite interesting and fun. The idea of having this kind of farm right in the desert alone is for starters. 

I’ve been to a few agricultural farms but not into greenhouse, where you get to pick the very produce you ought to buy. 

Thank goodness for this greenhouse and (insert another expression of relief here) we got to it earlier than expected. We roamed around like we own the place and, yeah, snapped a lot of candid shots like the one in the photos😅 

See, the atmosphere is conducive to leisure walks because of the cool temperature inside.

On the one hand, you can’t really think strawberry plants greening in intense heat, but on the other, you can picture them and people like us grinning inside this greenhouse.

Kudos to the science behind this kind of horticulture. Visitors from the tropics, particularly the Philippines, get to feel Baguio or La Trinidad’s clime and, to a degree, vibe, even just for a while.  

On a side note, Strawberry Lake also has other amenities such as a big lawn for picnics, children’s playground, adults’ chilling out area; an artificial pond with water birds; a birdhouse; a fish farm; and traditional tents.

There’s nothing like the fragrance of fresh strawberries wafting through the air. Picking those strawberries from that garden added extra appeal to them and to overall craving for super fruits particularly berries, then the taste of those sweet juicy berries! I still relish the privilege of picking the best ones during that moment. 

Visiting this Strawberry Farm made me nostalgic about the home country but, for the most part, it reinforced the belief that there’s always something out of the mundane. That is, finding contentment in life out of the simple things. It’s essential…Also, fresh strawberries are, without a doubt, palatable but there’s something EXTRA special about picking them yourself.

The SAR 10 entrance fee as well as the SAR 20 charge for picking strawberries, equivalent to a pack, is worth it!

Strawberry Lake is open from 4:00 PM – 2:00 AM daily. Click here for the map.

For more information, contact WhatsApp number 056-021-8894 or check the IG account  strawberry_lake”.

PS, wearing shorts to this place is acceptable. Hurray!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. When I was still living in Philippines, our family would drive up to the north as well for the strawberry picking. Here in Germany strawberry season starts on the first weeks of June and we loved it. Here we love strawberry more than any other fruits, second to apples…( I am still homesick of Philippine mangoes!)
    This year I went to gardening as well and I planted strawberries in our raise-bed garden and pots. I am super excited how would it turn out.
    Your post came as a surprise to me cuz I didn´t know that they have greenhouses like there growing strawberries…looks great and yes—good for the tummy and healthier choice.
    Back then in Kuwait we also visit many farm where they also grow strawberries , though the species is not the same as we have here now.


    1. Hi, . Thank you for stressing out that there’s a difference between the taste of strawberries being grown in greenhouses and that of the ones in the actual required environment. The trip was actually more of realizing that plan of visiting the same farm in Bicol (Camarines Sur that is). I’ve been planning to visit that one in CamSur, where I’m based in the Philippines, but time isn’t always enough to squeeze everything in one road trip.

      Like you, I prefer strawberry over apples and love it more than other fruits. I love it as much as I love avocado and blackberries.

      I would love to know about your gardening project. Looking forward to seeing it talked up on your blog. Strawberries in your raise-bed garden and pots sounds and looks really interesting.


  2. vinneve says:

    That is good to know that there is also a strawberry farm in Saudi. I also did some strawberry picking near our hometown so please check this out TY >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vbitgi2aQc


  3. AJ says:

    That strawberry looks so luscious. I could wrap my lips around it and suckle on it a bit before biting in. 🙂


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