Regeneration Day in Atulayan Island

Less touristy is my default adjective whenever I describe my kind of go-to place for a weekend getaway or a random escape from the rush of the every day. That is particularly true whenever I am on vacation.

I am blessed for having someone who has always been on a constant hunt for that kind of destination in Bicol. With her, being a native of the region, is such an advantage in times like this. Upon hearing these music to my ears line “I found another relatively unknown place for your upcoming vacation in February 2020”, my whole being got filled with serotonin.

That place is called “Atulayan Island” in Camarines Sur. My current mood is not up for the detritum kind of narration so I would not talk about the journey. I would rather just delve into what the island made me feel and learn during the visit, with my three treasure troves.

Atulayan is a cone-shaped island located in Sagnay, Camarines Sur. It is accessible via a 20- to 30-minute boat ride from Nato Port—which is an hour and a half drive from Naga City.

Nature bestowed upon this island four coves edged by fine white sand and some jet-black boulders. There are only cottages for rent but multiple, open spaces for fiddling around are guaranteed. The island’s source of electrical energy is a generator; thereby, paving the way for a more meaningful, worthwhile moments of digital disconnection.

Atulayan Island may still be a lesser-known beach destination but I can assure you that that it is worth your money, time, and effort. The feature that instantly captured my optical organs is the breathtaking offing on every side.

Well, it is an island but there is something extra bucolic about the surroundings that showcase the meeting of the land, sea, and sky like every second of the day.

Roaming around is like wandering along the edge of the world without getting tired. Being this close to the ocean is such a tonic. There is that power and peace that could not be found anywhere else but here.

That power and peace that make me take a moment and think about the last time I felt the world around me undisturbed. That feeling like there is a pit in my stomach, so deep swirling down to my gut but it is so good!

The ultimate effect is a sensation that is so magical; it escalated into my optical organs, gently shutting them down for a while to savor it.

*Sigh*…that feels as surreal as the time I was right in that moment. It made me wish for it to become my kind of normal every day. The comfort and relief from this feeling, in reality, only hits me occasionally. So when it does there is no doubt it is extra, extra special! And that makes me automatically gasp for breath and close my optical organs.

That has been a year and four months since but it still feels like yesterday. I still feel so comforted by it. The Arcadian atmosphere is unrivaled . To say that I linger over the peace and quiet and the sound of the gentle waves in that place is an understatement. Actually, I am still there.

The visit to this place was also the last time I really felt my senses in their natural glory. Truly, nothing makes me feel relieved, comforted, and assured than being in nature. It is here where I feel most alive; where my griefs become impertinent; and where the child in me is at its happiest.

Today, I am, of course, caught up in the daily grind that is the corporate world. What inspired me to blog about this experience is the sheer need to remind myself every now and then about this quality time at the beach, with the family. The importance of it. That it is a must to think about it even though it is just a sweet anticipation at this point.

Doing this activity is tantamount to reviving my older and younger self.

The next time you get into this kind of special moment, remember to close your eyes and take it all in—the sound of soft ocean waves crashing on the boulders, the smell of salty air floating through an island, the kiss of the summer zephyr, the sight of the winter sunset, the taste of your perfectly cooked, favorite food…every bit of its entirety. And when you open them again, you will know it was one to remember.

This visit in Atulayan is definitely something to be remembered and relived every now and then. I always crave this kind of moment with nature with my three treasure troves, who by the way are not afraid of (but danced instead with) the giant waves slapping our boat on our bumpy way to this island.

Truly, this is another island in the Bicol Region where a serotonin overflow is guaranteed on every activity.

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  1. vinneve says:

    The place is really relaxing! so beautiful and no crowd. I like to go to less crowded places too but sometimes it is not possible if I want to see a famous place or location even just once. Keep safe! C U around.


  2. AJ says:

    I noticed that your topless photos get the most likes. Ya gotta serve what your audience wants! 😉


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