“Cling On To The Tagline” is the Mantra

It took approximately five years before I came up with a tagline for this blog and the other social media platforms. Looking back at how I desperately wanted to make it big in the blogging field, influencing world as a whole, by going after mainstream destinations, I couldn’t help but smile at this point.

I smile because that thought taught me this: There’s no need to recreate the kind of content elite and celebrity influencers make. Of course, I’m not up for that challenge.

Those influencers have content that entails an investment that would make me go for a plastic surgery and rob a bank, to say the least.

I couldn’t remember the last time I anchored my piece of work to theirs but it’s crystal clear to me that I’m at my happiest as well whenever I publish a write-up on this blog, or post a photo on Instagram and Facebook, that promotes beauty of ordinary places.

The entire experience became the compass that led me to finding my niche in this tricky world of influencing. I concentrated on what I can afford to do, which is sustainable and, the favorite, economical. What followed after that was the advent of the (D) tagline: There’s always something beautiful out of the mundane…

We are in an era of instant gratification—from worldly things. I refuse to join the bandwagon though, except when the inevitable plays out (when my travels require payment and this is, of course, the exception rather than the rule).

The world has obviously changed and will continue to but it’s safe to say that the tagline is forever relevant and imperative.

I didn’t have a year-end blog post in 2020 but majority of said year and the current one’s content revolved around appreciating the little or ordinary things in life and being grateful for them.

This is probably the greatest lesson, if not one of the greatest lessons, that the Stephen King-Like Days taught us. That we should focus our attention on what nurtures and sustains our life. These are tangible and intangible things around us that bring only a minuscule amount of pleasure (Things To Be Thankful For In Life). The best thing about them is their reliability—for not just pleasure but comfort—anytime even though we tend to neglect them more often than not.

I’ve been looking at these Stephen King-Like Days as ways of reinforcing that great lesson and my social media platforms as tools for the lesson’s execution.

I’m going to greet the new year by publishing this blog post on this ultimate day of 2021 and to encourage everyone, as always, to turn to and remember the tagline “There’s always something beautiful out of the mundane…” when our perception of necessity gets stirred by immediate gratification.  

Cheers to having the kind of days we need for the molding of a better us!

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