Wellness Practice: The Other “Cut” of the Regimen

It all started when I and my grandparents went into a carnival for the town’s patronal fiesta. It was during this time that sellers (of probably all sorts) of kiddie and hippie knickknacks—ranging from toy cars, toy guns, plastic balloons, rubber bands, yoyos, etc. to bangles, rings, stainless necklaces, crystal pendants, and whatnots—are ubiquitous. I was immediately drawn to the necklaces with a variety of pendants made of gemstones (mostly hexagonal ones) and shells (predominantly dolphins) of this particular store leaning on the oldest, gigantic Acacia tree of Cabagan Square Park. The movie “Free Willy” speaks a lot about the inclination towards the latter and the magical, undisturbed world of a kid for the former. Looking at the pendants brought me an instant bliss, all those happy scenes, adventures, and misadventures of said movie coupled with the favorite films about magic, folklore, and supernatural events flashed through my head. I can vividly remember my pupils dilating at that moment while those pendants were glinting from the sun’s rays.

The next thing I knew, my gramps handed me my first gift: a dolphin pendant carved from abalone shell.

Childhood is indeed the happiest time of our lives, and I understand it a lot better now that I am a parent. Each time I scan that juncture in my brain, time freezes, still. It is the same case whenever I am at a store that sells, what I now call, wonder buddies, but healing crystals for kindred spirits and the general public. They offer a charm that is hard to resist, whether worn or displayed.

There is something about these wonder buddies’ shiny appearance that makes me surrender to them. I could not articulate the rationale before but I do now. It is expounded in the research titled “Taking a shine to it: How the preference for glossy stems from an innate need for Water (Journal of Consumer Psychology).”

Apparently, we naturally gravitate towards not just nature’s greenery (“Greenest, Lushest Park or Riyadh City“) but shiny objects too. Based on the research, gemstones or crystals evoke the glossy surface of a body of water. We are drawn to nature. Our reverence  for water, therefore, makes sense.

I now understand why I feel calm “Feel a Connection with the Ocean through Fathom Bracelets’ ANTILLA Thimble Charm Bracelet Paracord”, healed (”Healing with Nature at the Cove and in the Mountains of Siruma in Camarines Sur”), and comforted whenever I look at these tangible, favorite forms of nature wonders, especially the ones that capture my optical organs—be it at crystal stores or those at hand. I always bring a piece or two of these wonder buddies during my travels particularly hiking trips (“Mount Arayat Traverse”) or beachineering.

Looking at these wonder buddies each time is, still, a definition of bliss or, simply, good vibes in my book. It is also another way of keeping the little boy, who believes in magic, alive in me every once in a while. Doing it also facilitates my creativity more just as when I am in a nature trip while it gives me laughter and smiles. The kid in me looks at the world as a place of wonder and new possibilities with playfulness and lots of imagination each time I bond with them.

But what made me hold on to them all these years aside from that is their help in boosting my health and wellness practices particularly mindfulness meditation and grounding rituals. With the setting I am in for the last few years because of work, I gradually transformed into being spiritual but not religious and embraced the constructs of new age wellness. Doing physical activities and eating well are essential keys to health and wellness. On other hand, I found my “mental health compass” in my wonder buddies’ energies.

Finding the stimulus to begin and the motivation to incorporate exercise, sports, meditation, yoga, and consumption of good food into my daily life is not easy. It takes determination and enthusiasm to get up early or go to green parks after work to do jogging; do push-ups; do weight lifting; meditation, and the like. Add to that preparing healthy food, which usually takes a lot longer than instant food.

Apart from the healing and and fortune-bringing properties these wonder buddies have, they also send out the (1) motivation, (2) determination, and (3) enthusiasm that, you and, I need to keep going with these health and wellness practices.

Wearing any of them around my neck, fingers, or my wrists is like having a personal assistant reminding me to go within the belief in something bigger and to draw out what is or are already there. That is represented by the positive effects and unique traits these wonder buddies give—from protecting us against negative energy, boosting our mood, calming us down, amplifying our energy, motivating us during the hard days, interacting well with our body’s chakra, alleviating stress, igniting creativity to promoting physical, spiritual, and mental healing if not wellbeing.

Because I believe in what they emit, promote, radiate, represent, or symbolize, I have been very particular with opting for the natural, and as much as possible, untreated, (i.e., unheated) wonder buddies. This is the reason why I included a feldspar (moonstone – my Ayurdevic stone), beryl (emerald – top choice for other Libra gemstones), and Grandidierite (3rd of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world) in my collection. They are only three of the few gemstones that do not undergo heating treatment for enhancement.

Whatever intention or purpose I want to manifest and achieve, there is a corresponding wonder buddy for it.

What I like most about these wonder buddies though is that them being byproducts of the planet’s inner workings. That they are a part of the earth so they are a great way to feel more connected to nature. It mesmerizes me to know that they are formed over quite a period of time with the help of nature’s powerful elements. That they are, without a doubt, one of nature’s true exquisite, magical byproducts and a reminder of what the planet is capable of creating if we leave it be.

Connecting with these wonder buddies is a beautiful way to show my support and love for nature and to welcome healing and higher vibrations into my life.

Badminton rackets break, T-shirts fade, cellphones outdate, flowers wilt, and chocolate melts. Of all the available nature and man-made wonders around, these wonder buddies are few of the ones whose beauty last a lifetime.

How can that not be a good thing or a decent form of investment for aesthetics and as new age wellness tools?

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