How This All Began…

Hi everyone!

It all started when I had my first travel experience in November 2009. It was about reaching Mt. Batulao’s summit, which is also my first mountain climbing endeavor. The adventure was life changing and I fell in love with it, meeting amazing people from different walks of life and experiencing so many wonderful things. I was enamored by the idea that there’s more to see, discover, and experience in the vast world out there. I’ve climbed 17 mountains after that simultaneous with going on side trips to different tourist destinations. I became passionate about documenting each travel and began sharing the stories and photos via this blog. That said, I also post about random topics from time to time. The blabbermouth in me couldn’t help it😊

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Caveat: The purpose of this series is neither to proclaim myself as a grammarian nor to despise people who are still unfamiliar with common grammar mistakes. It is to serve as a reminder that there are rules in English that refute those mistakes. I am well aware that I still have a lot to learn in English and I will not stop digging those rules to share them here. If you happen to be a guilty party, please remember that I shared these blog posts in the spirit of constructive criticism.

Feedback is most welcome!

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