Al Khobar: Spontaneity: Driving Around Dammam and Al Khobar with the Bullies

Eastern Region: Eid Break In The Kingdom’s Eastern Region And Bahrain’s Threshold

Cobra Amusement Park, Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, Ash Sharqiyah, Dammam City: Urban Spelunking (Second Episode: Earth & Air)

Corniche, Al Khobar City: Urban Spelunking (Final Episode: Night & Day)

Half Moon Bay, Azizia Area, Al Khobar City

Urban Spelunking (First Episode: Water & Fire)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Sands On My Feet

Rastanura Beach Resort, Saudi ARAMCO:  Serendipity on the Road and a Frolic on Ras Tanura Beach



Riyadh City Specials

Glimpses and Magic of Riyadh After Dark

King Abdullah Financial District and its Conference Centre by Night and Day

Brew92° in Riyadh

Ocular “Inspection” at Fairmont Riyadh

Moments of Happiness Out of the Blue

Top Nine Ceilings of Riyadh

Riyadh Park’s Grandeur and the Cinemas

Ten Things to Love About Winter in Riyadh

Captured in the Moment: 18 Sunsets from Riyadh’s Most Ordinary Places

Hollywood Circus invading Riyadh from June 15 to July 14

Riyadh’s Ten Best Places To Watch The Sunset

Riyadh City and the whole of KSA flaunting faces and ambitious plans on tourism

The Five Novelties Of Badminton That Only Players In Riyadh Can Relate To

Giving You A Million Reasons To Love and Travel To Riyadh

It’s “Juice Time” in Riyadh!

1stPaintball Arena, Al Thumamah, Riyadh City: I Got Shot But I Am Alive!

Acacia Valley, Jubaylah: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Al Danah Farm, Almarai Company, Al KharjGetting Intimate with Cows at Almarai Company’s Al Danah Farm in the “Milk Road”

Al Faisaliah Tower, Riyadh City: <a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” style=”color: #0000ff” title=”Mellowing Out, Skyscrapers, and City Lights

In a place where mountains and beaches are far from my wandering feet, I might as well savor the city’s wonders in spite of my body’s longing for hiking and swimming. In the Philippines, what I usually do to unwind is to go hiking or hit the nearest beach. That…” href=”https://yobynos.wordpress.com/2012/08/24/mellowing-out-skyscrapers-and-city-lights/&#8221; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Mellowing Out, Skyscrapers, and City Lights

Al Izdihar, Riyadh City

Wild Desert Flowers Could Make For a Good Day

2014: A Year of Life Lessons

2015: A Year of Affirmations, Blurbs, and New Connections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic

Weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant

Al Salem Museum, Ushaiger Village, Shagra

The Exhibit Archive of Ushaiger Village

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Almarai Co. Villa, Exit 7, Riyadh City 

2013: A Milestone Year for Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind

The Tournament (The Culprit For My Hiatus)

How I Broke My Tear Duct This Time Of The Year

Private: Putting The Unsolicited Advice Down

With or Without You, AC

Indians dominate the 1st CFO Badminton Tournament 2013

Almarai Company, Al Kharj: Almarai’s Central Processing Plant in Al Kharj

Applebee’s, Hayat Mall, Exit 5, Riyadh City

Boys’ Night Out Reloaded

Heaven On A Plate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Patterns to Lines

Central Processing Plant, Almarai Company, Al Kharj: Creating Something Beautiful Out of the Mundane

Chef Bukhari, Exit 7, Al Wadi, Riyadh: Boys’ Night Out: Prologue

Cloverleaf, Abu Bakr Street, Riyadh City: Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

dr. Cafe and Starbucks, Riyadh: Raise Your Glass … of Coffee!

dip ‘n dip, Riyadh Gallery, Olaya District: A Haven for Chocoholics: dip ‘n dip

Dirah (Downtown), Riyadh City: Street Photography in Dirah

Distinct Agricultural Ways Establishment, Nursery & Flower Shop, Exit 7, Riyadh City

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The Flowers, The Greens, and The Bees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

Edge of the World, Al Riyadh Province 15426: On the Ledge of “Edge of the World” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Granada Mall, Supermarket, Exit 9, Riyadh City: Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Hayat Mall, Exit 10, Riyadh City

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Patterns to Line

Hidden Canyon, Al Dilam, Riyadh

Exposing The Hidden Canyon’s Splendour and Mother Nature’s Call For “Responsible Tourism”

Take a peek at Riyadh’s New Tourism Gem: The Hidden Canyon #VantagePoint

Hidden Valley, Dirab

Hidden Valley: An Ancient Arabian Treasure In Its Own Right

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Holiday Inn, Izdihar, Riyadh: I Am a Moth and So Are You!

Java Time, Al Murooj St., Exit 5, Riyadh: Boys’ Night Out Redefined & Reworded

Kamsa Kamsa Park, Hair, Riyadh

Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

A Day With Dates at Kamsa Kamsa Park

The Alpha Dogs’ Typical Day Out at Kamsa Ashra Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

King Abdulaziz Historical Centre, King Faisal Road, Al Murabba Quarter, Riyadh City: Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

King Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh City: Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

King Fahd International Stadium, Prince Bandar Bin Abdulaziz, Al Maizilah, Riyadh: Monster Trucks Crash in Riyadh

Kingdom Centre, Olaya District, Riyadh City: In The Limelight: Riyadh’s Tallest Skyscraper, Kingdom Centre

L’Olimpo Italian Restaurant: Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

National Museum, Riyadh: Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

Olaya District, Riyadh City: The Colossal Wonders of Olaya District

PAUL, Exit 6, Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, Al Mughrizat, Riyadh City: The Antiques and Baguettes of PAUL

Piatto, Al Masif, Exit 5, Beside Steak House North Ring Road, Riyadh: How I Visited Italy Straight from Riyadh by Car

Red Sand (Ad-Dahna Desert), Dirab, Riyadh

Reading Another Few Pages of St. Augustine’s Proverbial Book Through Red Sand

The Camel Corral in the Desert

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Salam Park, Salam, Ad Dubiyah, Riyadh: Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

Saqr Al-Jazira, Royal Saudi Airforce Aviation Museum, Salbokh Road, Ministry of Defense and Aviation – King Abdul Aziz Military College, East Ring Road: A Visit to the Kingdom’s Aviation Museum

Souk Al-Thumayri, Souq Al-Dheera, and Souq Al-Zil, Qasr Al Hukum Station, Al Qari, Riyadh: The Very Colorful and Nitid Land of Golden Souqs

Starbucks Reserve, Takhassusi BranchStarbucks Reserve’s Second Outlet in Riyadh

The Hidden Canyon, Al Dilam, Riyadh Province

Take a peek at Riyadh’s New Tourism Gem: The Hidden Canyon #VantagePoint

Exposing The Hidden Canyon’s Splendour and Mother Nature’s Call For “Responsible Tourism”

The King’s Forest, Rawdat Khuraim, Riyadh Province

Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

Small and Big Wonders at the King’s Forest

Tokyo Tokyo Restaurant, Al Orouba, Exit 11, Riyadh: A Gustatory New Year at Tokyo Restaurant

Ushaiger Heritage Village, Shagra

The Doors and Mud-Built Houses of Ushaiger Heritage Village

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

Ushaiger Hill, Shagra: Alfresco Dining on the Hill

Wadi Hanifah, Diriyah, Riyadh

Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

In Search of A Rebound 

Coffee Pot in the Arab Culture

Wadi Namar, Al Warad, Namar, Riyadh

Top 5 “Free of Charge” Tourist Attractions for Nature Nature Lovers in Riyadh

Wadi Namar And Its Hidden Paradise

Water Tower and Revolving Restaurant, Al Kharj: <a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” style=”color: #0000ff” title=”Al Kharj’s Most Prominent Functional Landmark

Our last visit to Al Kharj (” href=”https://yobynos.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/al-kharjs-most-prominent-functional-landmark/&#8221; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>Al Kharj’s Most Prominent Functional Landmark

Western Bakeries’ Compound, Almarai Company, Al Kharj: Weekend Swim: A Perfect Disport Before the Work Week Ramps Up

Wooden Bakery, Kurais Road, Salah Al Deen St., Riyadh City Weekly Photo Challenge: One

World Sights Park, Nasir Al Raijhi, Al Mughriza, Riyadh City

How To Make A World Tour In Just One Hour

It’s the Clouds…It’s the Blue Sky…It’s World Sights Park