Why Camarines Sur should always be one of the most and must visited provinces in the Philippines?

A long long time ago when the heavens poured down natural scenery on the Land of the Morning, Philippines, a place called Camarines Sur caught most of it. Blame the colossal titans inhabiting the land; they were holding celestial buckets during that time.

Camarines Sur (Central Bikol: Habagatan na Camarines; Filipino: Timog Camarines; and better known as CamSur at present) in the Bicol Region may have suffered a dramatic decline in the number of visitors in 2013, a year after it was being declared as the country’s top tourist destination, but it remains as one of the most sought after destinations in the Philippines. The credit goes to its diverse attractions from front line to off the beaten path. Extreme sports, recreation, cultural, nature, adventure, and religious tourism spots are almost countless—and these are close to if not within Naga City’s vicinity.

In 2016, the Philippine Dairy Inquirer, the most widely read broadsheet newspaper in the Philippines with over 2.7 million nationwide readers daily, once again confirmed that CamSur is the most visited province, with 2.06 million tourists in 2015, or 45.5 percent of arrivals. Being the second home of this blog’s author since 2013, promoting tourism for the province has been one of Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind’s serious missions.

With Camarines Sur’s continuous tourism power since 2006, when the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) began full operations, evidenced by the Philippine Statistics Office and Department of Tourism‘s reports, there is no doubt that it is still on top of the best destinations in the Philippines. Impressive limestone formations and pristine beaches in public or secluded areas for beach bums, pulsating adventure spots for the brave souls, biking and hiking trails for contemporary health enthusiasts, among others are only some of what makes the province an absolute standout.

Take a peek at Pinoy Travel Blogger SonyboyFugaban and Professional Landscape Photographer Rodel delos Reyes, with the big help of their fellow Instagram wanderers, have to say about the grandeur (i.e., upcoming destinations that you should add to your travel bucket list) that is #CamSur through their photos and as to why it should always be one of the most and must visited provinces in the Philippines.

The CWC in Cadlan is equipped with world-class water-based entertainment facilities not only for wakeboarding and water skiing but motor cross, skateboards, and BMX trails.

Add to that the equally attractive sites that serve as perfect side trips in every visit to CWC: the Eco Village and Lago del Ray.

CWC is definitely back to the grind; it hosted the “2016 Wake Park World Championship” last year (October 2016).

The immaculate beaches of Caramoan will not disappoint both locals and foreigners; it is still the province’s, not to mention Bicolandia’s, ultimate summer capital.

The Philippines’ best beaches and islands” that was published on CNN’s website in November 2016 recognized Caramoan as the sixth placer on the list.

The lofty Mt. Isarog is not only a paradise for mountain climber’s but even bikers for its adventure friendly trails.

During casual conversations, we're frequently asked about our favorite season. The part that makes me wonder most of the time is the inclination of fellow Asians, here in the Saudi, to choose winter over summer. Well, I've come to a point when I suspended my disbelief. One's favorite is his favorite after all. Winter and summer are the equivalent of hot and dry seasons in the Philippines, in the tropics. I've always reveled in summer; it's inherent to me. There maybe days when I avoid the scorching heat but that will never bate the affection I feel for summer. #storiesofthewanderingfeet #storiesofthewanderingfeetandmind #travel #reflection #story #itsmorefuninbicol #bicolbloggers #visitcamsur #nature #mtisarog #summer

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This mountain, which stands 1,966 metes above sea level (MASL), is actually a natural park with rich biodiversity and fresh countryside views.

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For those who are up to recharging their batteries from the zest-draining workplace stress, Panicuason offers natural hot springs and modern outdoor adventures.

Panicuason is the blogger’s next must-see CamSur destination.

The home to the world’s smallest edible fish in the world, Lake Buhi, and the only white pebbles beach in Camsur and the whole Bicol Region give the same treat.

These places offer an unscathed scenery that will force any sightseer to put his mobile phone down.

Take a peek at one of the country’s freshwater wonders that is an endemic species of the very placid Lake Buhi in Camarines Sur: tabios (a.k.a. sinarapan – the world's smallest commercial extant fish). When I was just frequenting the province in 2007, I could say I've had enough of it. (Tabios dishes still make my sac growl.) But when reports about its inclusion in the list of endangered species surfaced in 2014, its availability on the market followed the same fate. I hope the local government will make an institutional intervention in the preservation of this species. #storiesofthewanderingfeet #storiesofthewanderingfeetandmind #itsmorefuninbicol #bicolbloggers #philippineimages #sinarapan #endangeredspecies

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They literally define a laid-back yet quaint place, which makes a getaway to either of these two truly rejuvenating.

Waterfall chasers will go after Iriga City, Libmanan, and Pili while spelunking aficionados should go down to Adiangao and Kulapnitan.


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This province is also teeming with historical churches that radiate ancient Spanish vibe and festivals—such as Karanowan, Harana, Partido Baybayon, Kaogma, Boa-Boahan, Tumatarok Lagonoy Kadahoman, May Ilaoud, Bikol Pastores, Kamundagan including the two of the country’s most celebrated ecumenical and offering festivals Peñafrancia and Tinagba respectively—all year round.

Tinagba Festival 2014

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Finally, CamSur is home to a variety of authentic Bicolano food such as Pinangat, Laing, Bicol Express Pasta, Pancit Bato, and Laing Pasta

Naga City is, of course, swarming with restaurants and eateries along Magsaysay, Peñafrancia, or Mayon Avenue where these delicacies can be found.

Meryienda time! 😘😉👍 #bicolfood #pancitbato #sinapot #yummy

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Laing Pasta #nagacityfood #bicolfood #rollscafeph

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Verily, Camarines Sur is not only Bicol region’s financial, commercial, industrial, business, and cultural hub, but a reliable tourism icon of the Philippines with its spectacular nature wonders and modern entertainment facilities of various forms that will make every visitor, be it a traveler or tourist, come back for more.

This is my entry to Ms. Gretchen Filart Dublin of Blog Carnival BadgeFilipina Explorer‘s PTB Year Opener Blog Carnival titled “Best Upcoming Destinations for 2017”.

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(Feel free to comment on the things that were missed from you personal list.)


Lago del Rey: CamSur Watersports Complex’s Better Half

CamSur Watersports Complex is Still Bicol’s Most Modern Destination

Now that my current life entails having only a month to spend for holidays every year, mountain climbing not to mention catching up with very good friends and relatives became really difficult. The main reason is my new location’s proximity to where my life used to take place. Embracing its wonders such as the beautiful people, delicious (spicy) foods, and irresistible travel attractions became my very coping mechanism.

The day Camarines Sur became my new base, the sensation seeker, which possessed my body the day I climbed a mountain, became more dominant than ever. This is the reason why visiting the CamSur Water Sports Complex (CWC) situated at Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur is a must each time I go home for vacation. The hot season is perfection for my wandering feet that are designed for roaming around and seeking adventures outdoors.

So when our very generous neighbor invited our family to join his in their excursion to CWC on the 20th of  April 2016, I did not hesitate to drop the task at hand and indirectly force Ms. Wonderwall and the two busy little men, Brad and Ethan, who were both playing in the sala.


It is now obvious that one of my favorite activities during summer is to check CWC in Cadlan for the mind-bending tricks of professional wakeboarders. I am talking about those daredevil spins that give me that feeling of carefreeness and being extremely alive. Imagine a rider on a wakeboard doing a 360 degree rotation while up in the air. I never considered it uninteresting but thrilling.


On the one hand, climbing mountains gives us different life-changing lessons such as the need to connect with nature and the value of solitude. On the other, extreme sports feed my hunger for that strange yet nice sensation of adrenaline rush. Seeing the family in complete awe while they were witnessing wakeboarders do their stirring tricks brought a big smile on my face. It is absolutely a heavenly feeling when the things that make me ecstatic are appreciated more so reciprocated by my loved ones.


I have always considered coconuts as absolute elements of an authentic tropical scenery. Look at how they effortlessly grace this place to make for a rustic paradise.


The relaxing environment, made of modernity and natural scenery, is always the bonus for this kind of spectacle. This was already my nth visit but I still get a different vibe each time (“CamSur Watersports Complex And Its Eco-Village“, My Chunk of Extreme Sports At The Best Cable Park In The“, and “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree“). The stunning views captured in the next photos articulate that statement. Looking at each of them makes me understand why I keep on coming back.


My every visit to CWC reinforces my belief that no place is ever really done. Besides we, people of the earth, will always be attracted to water sports because they give fun and they are probably the best activities during summer. And, water sports complex such as this one in Camarines Sur will always be patronized no matter what because it is natural for us to crave wonders that the water element provides.


There are always something new to see and memory to reforge especially at CamSur Watersports Complex that offers diverse activities and attracts local and international tourists.


It gives me pleasure to reannounce this good news from the World Wakeboard Association’s website (theawwa.com): The Philippines will host the “2016 Wake Park World Championship” on the 29th until the 31st of October 2016 at the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). Last year, the competition was held in Cancun (Mexico).


This world championship will surely boost Bicol Region’s tourism and the Philippines as a whole considering that CWC’s management has already signed on for a three-year agreement for this event.

Click here for more exciting details of the event that include special tour packages and a Halloween Party on the 31st of October.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree


(The picture is a memento of one of my visits [2010] to CamSur Watersports Complex.)

One of the things I do to lionize summer is to go home to my second province, Camarines Sur, in order to check the estival wakeboard tournament at CamSur Watersports Complex in Cadlan. While climbing mountains or swimming at the beach gives me that intense feeling of solitude and liberation, watching people do some mind-bending tricks, professional wakeboarders in this case, feeds me that plate of carefreeness. I am overwhelmed at how they execute the kind of tricks they do with so much ease.