Spontaneity: Driving Around Dammam and Al Khobar with the Bullies

Taking a solo trip has become the trend in traveling over the past few years. Who would not dare try the good reasons behind it such as it forces you to come out outside your comfort zone and tests your independence while giving you time and space to reflect (“Life Lessons From My First Solo…

Eid Break In The Kingdom’s Eastern Region And Bahrain’s Threshold

Three weeks ago, my friends and I were invited to spend Eid break in the Eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the threshold of Bahrain. The off the cuff ride down east—back and forth—is seriously irresistible. Everyone then had gathered in the early morning of Friday, October 3. Actually, the original plan was to go…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

In the photo, you could see two birds between the sky and water, and a wandering soul between the birds. But there is more to this between darkness and light photo than meets the eye: that magic of nature called daybreak, which is seldom neglected. It is that time of the day when nature is painted in incredible colors….

Urban Spelunking (Final Episode: Night & Day)

Our third destination was at Corniche, back in Khobar. Corniche is basically a green strip facing the gulf. It stretches from Azzizia Beach to the Tarot Islands and, undoubtedly, the city‘s most popular recreational area as far as the number of visitors is concerned. It is positioned in the middle of a wide semi-circular bay….

Urban Spelunking (Second Episode: Earth & Air)

After the upbeat endings of our watching-the-sunrise and swimming experience at Half Moon Bay, we proceeded directly to the city proper to check in at one of the most economical hotel suites in Khobar and to have lunch at the most patronized Filipino restaurant nearby. Thereafter, we headed to our second destination: Cobra Amusement Park….

Urban Spelunking (First Episode: Water & Fire)

After several months of hibernation, the free-spirited traveler in me was once again on the loose. It’s been a while since I felt the jolts of excitement when going on an excursion—explained by the fact that it’s my first time to step outside the walls of Riyadh. We are fortunate that we belong to this…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

This photo was snapped through the car’s window a week ago whitherward at the Cobra Amusement Park. This intersection along Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Road marks the entrance to an exclusive subdivision–forming a community that obviously belongs to the higher echelon of society. I am giving you a glimpse of I and my friends’ weekend…