What My Hometown Taught Me After A Decade Of Distance From It

It was one of those childhood Sundays when my grandmother would ask my father to wake me up for the mass. A few minutes later there I was trying to stand straight while wiping my gound and groping my way to the bathroom, detached from the house, in a foggy morning. Struggle! But the thought…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

In my almost five years of wandering, I learned that travel is always an adventure. I have encountered countless adventures that made me shout for joy (“The Playground of Demigods and Nephilims“), gape at the visceral blow of a revelation (“The Doors and Mud-Built Houses of Ushaiger Heritage Village“), cry in silence from disappointment (“A Series of Unfortunate…

Weekend Swim: A Perfect Disport For White-Collar Workers

During the holy month of Ramadan here in Riyadh, I and the people in my circle opt to just stay at the accommodations and busy ourselves with the boobtube. Summer has already reached its peak and–generally–this keeps people from leaving their air-conditioned rooms. As a result, excursions are like pawikan in the Philippines—extinct. Swimming is no exception….

Little Wonders Series’ Second Episode

The following photos were all captured during my reunion climb (18 December 2011) with the masters to Mt. Banoi in Lobo, Batangas: “Little Wonders” are photos of small organisms from plant (and, at times, animal) kingdom which were all captured during my travels to different places particularly mountains in the Philippines. They are creatures that…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I consider the subject on these photos an object of wonder, and, to date, I still wonder if this plant is indeed a new species. Related Articles What’s the Name of this Plant? (yobynos.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder (thedailypost.wordpress.com)