Weekend Swim: A Perfect Disport For White-Collar Workers

During the holy month of Ramadan here in Riyadh, I and the people in my circle opt to just stay at the accommodations and busy ourselves with the boobtube. Summer has already reached its peak and–generally–this keeps people from leaving their air-conditioned rooms. As a result, excursions are like pawikan in the Philippines—extinct. Swimming is no exception….

The Alpha Dogs’ Typical Day Out At Kamsa Ashra Park

The Hiker’s Maxim: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time (J.K.). For us Filipinos, Kamsa Ashra Park is still the best place to go to when we want to feel that laid-back atmosphere we luxuriate in back home. The park makes us appreciate simple things like seeing fellow Filipinos singing…