CamSur Watersports Complex is Still Bicol’s Most Modern Destination

Now that my current life entails having only a month to spend for holidays every year, mountain climbing not to mention catching up with very good friends and relatives became really difficult. The main reason is my new location’s proximity to where my life used to take place. Embracing its wonders such as the beautiful people, delicious (spicy) foods, and irresistible travel attractions became my very coping mechanism.

The day Camarines Sur became my new base, the sensation seeker, which possessed my body the day I climbed a mountain, became more dominant than ever. This is the reason why visiting the CamSur Water Sports Complex (CWC) situated at Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur is a must each time I go home for vacation. The hot season is perfection for my wandering feet that are designed for roaming around and seeking adventures outdoors.

So when our very generous neighbor invited our family to join his in their excursion to CWC on the 20th of  April 2016, I did not hesitate to drop the task at hand and indirectly force Ms. Wonderwall and the two busy little men, Brad and Ethan, who were both playing in the sala.


It is now obvious that one of my favorite activities during summer is to check CWC in Cadlan for the mind-bending tricks of professional wakeboarders. I am talking about those daredevil spins that give me that feeling of carefreeness and being extremely alive. Imagine a rider on a wakeboard doing a 360 degree rotation while up in the air. I never considered it uninteresting but thrilling.


On the one hand, climbing mountains gives us different life-changing lessons such as the need to connect with nature and the value of solitude. On the other, extreme sports feed my hunger for that strange yet nice sensation of adrenaline rush. Seeing the family in complete awe while they were witnessing wakeboarders do their stirring tricks brought a big smile on my face. It is absolutely a heavenly feeling when the things that make me ecstatic are appreciated more so reciprocated by my loved ones.


The relaxing environment, made of modernity and natural scenery, is always the bonus for this kind of spectacle. This was already my nth visit but I still get a different vibe each time (“CamSur Watersports Complex And Its Eco-Village“, My Chunk of Extreme Sports At The Best Cable Park In The“, and “Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree“). The stunning views captured in the next photos articulate that statement. Looking at each of them makes me understand why I keep on coming back.


My every visit to CWC reinforces my belief that no place is ever really done. Besides we, people of the earth, will always be attracted to water sports because they give fun and they are probably the best activities during summer. And, water sports complex such as this one in Camarines Sur will always be patronized no matter what because it is natural for us to crave wonders that the water element provides.


There are always something new to see and memory to reforge especially at CamSur Watersports Complex that offers diverse activities and attracts local and international tourists.


It gives me pleasure to reannounce this good news from the World Wakeboard Association’s website ( The Philippines will host the “2016 Wake Park World Championship” on the 29th until the 31st of October 2016 at the CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC). Last year, the competition was held in Cancun (Mexico).


This world championship will surely boost Bicol Region’s tourism and the Philippines as a whole considering that CWC’s management has already signed on for a three-year agreement for this event.

Click here for more exciting details of the event that include special tour packages and a Halloween Party on the 31st of October.

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Wadi Namar And Its Hidden Paradise

It’s no secret that yours truly is a licensed nature lover. My social media platforms, full of nature photos, can attest to that.

Yesterday, July 5, I was extra cheerful — secretly — knowing that July 6 was declared a public holiday. Since this happens only once a year, like really once a year, an hour or two (or more) of escape from the city walls is imperative. Well, at least for me and my housemates. During our dinner last night , I suggested the idea of making the most of the holiday, Eid al-Fitr’s first day, by taking a breather somewhere. Deviating from the everyday urban blares, increasing pleasant feelings and creativity, feeding the optical organs with green color, and simply making up for the lost times in the natural world are the main objectives — not de-stressing. Here in the Middle East, Ramadan days in business establishments are generally equated to easy days. This holds true in our workplace.

It goes without saying that all four of us came to a predictable agreement. This is how we got to what I now call the New Zealand of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), “Wadi Namar”, early in the morning today, July 6. The thirty-minute drive from Al Izdihar to Namar gave us surprising treats. Surprising because the objectives mentioned earlier all seemed to have been met by the time I was writing this post.

A few kilometers away from the main entrance, a long stretch of Wadi Namar Dam’s watercourse is actually visible. The point is, that stretch looked dry when we were approaching. Thank goodness there’s no sentry in the area and we’re on a one-way road. We just drove through until look there, we reached the wet part of the dam after about a kilometer.


The place showcases nature wonders similar to New Zealand’s in my book.



The word “panacea” is not only formed but created each time I see the elements of nature converge — coming together to form spectacles that serve as food to the eyes and soul.


This is usually how I describe every moment spent with nature.


By the time I brought my camera out, the mighty sun rose from its seat. The air went wild with the leaves.


The sky highlighted the harking birds with its blue delight. The river moved with majesty while the fish and ducks headed to a beautiful oblivion.


Then the massive escarpments gently hugged the entire place.


Wadi Namar is definitely a worthy addition to the list of the best nature parks in Riyadh and the whole KSA.



Aside from the indispensable nature treats it provides, it’s a great place for a picnic. Fishing, swimming, smoking shisha, and indiscriminate photographing though are not allowed.


We were on a weekday which was conducive to our ideal respite. There were only a few people around, parking lots are there for the taking, and there were less women and children which makes photographing a lot easier. My and Riyadh travel bloggers’ friendly tip is, don’t go there on Fridays or Saturdays but weekdays. Unless, you enjoy waiting in queue for parking lots, listening to crowd’s noise, or getting a chance to shoot the sights without people as distractions in the background.


Also, if you want to take awesome overhead shots, you just need to go on top of the other side’s hill.


The way should be easy based on the the lay of the land but you can ask the utility workers in the park or the locals for direction if getting lost is not an option.


A trip down this place is a perfect “seize the day” moment.


Wadi Namar is an absolute haven for city dwellers.

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From Travel Pleasures To Gastronomic Pleasures

When I was chatting with a work friend from the Philippines a couple of years ago, he told me that I should consider writing about something that never really crossed my mind. I got curious about his reason. I’ve always admired his brilliance. We’re both into writing but there’s a big difference between him and me. He writes for a living; it’s his passion ever since. I, on the other hand, blog for fun and to break the monotony of my routine; it’s my accidental passion.

I was about to ask him why but another message popped up. The message complimented my photos and writing style but part of it shook my creative juices: “Your blog will never be complete though without food stories.” I gave it a long careful thought. For a blogger who’s become quite comfortable with travel stories, making a sudden turn was a real challenge. It took me two months before I finally posted my first food review, “A Perfect Estival Treat” last June 18, 2014.


Prior to that I actually had an innumerable trial posts, which I didn’t publish. The reason being was I didn’t know if they were okay. Work is still my priority at the end of the day which makes it harder for me to make time for the new endeavor. I hadn’t much time at all actually. But it was sort of journey of a thousand miles; I needed to make the first step. The posts I came up with were a lot similar to my first travel blog stories that came in the form of notes or two-liner comments. At least I came up with something, but I didn’t hit the publish button like I said. I figured out  how to make a better food blog post as I went along. Two months later, I published another one, “Heaven On A Plate“, on August 13, 2014.


The blog’s content has always revolved around my stories. Rather than concentrating on making a technical review, I did personal approach. Nothing is as powerful as the instinct; it told me to write from the heart. From then on I settled to what I do best just like how I wrote my kind of travel stories. I told about how I came across the place; narrated what I did upon entering or while waiting for the food, what I felt when I was eating, what captured my optical organs inside the restaurant, who I was or were with during that moment; and shared the memories and realizations a food or restaurant evokes. These reveal a lot about my enthusiasm towards food and disposition towards life. The pleasure I get from feasting on it more so blogging about it made me realize just how much readers love being me in all of the posts.


When I started the blog in 2010, I named it “A Tunnel to My Murmurs: Desultory Thoughts Spoken and Unspoken”. I wasn’t much of a reader and researcher during that time. I juggled from one topic to another. I didn’t know a lot about direction and consistency. It took me two years to find my niche. I owed this to one of the Philippines most decorated travel bloggers, Ms. Jona Branzuela Bering of Backpacking with a Book“, for believing in me. In April 2012, she recommended me to become a member of Pinoy Travel Bloggers: a group comprising the Philippines’ most elite travel bloggers. My first attempt was a daunting experience. I got rejected by the group’s Administrator because my blog failed to meet the criteria. I was advised to write more articles about travel. I then worked my ass off for three months and I was formally welcomed to the group in July 2012.


Eventually, the food stories got tied to restaurant’s. Both of which officially entered the scene two years later or when I was looking for a solid complementary stories as opposed to occasional grammar articles. It’s still surreal to me how I managed to make a separate section for these food and restaurant stories up to now.


Being a photography enthusiast is a prerequisite of being a food enthusiast. One good thing about it is that I find it hard to say no to capturing a frame-worthy scene or moment when it presents itself, especially inside a restaurant or any food establishment. In 2015, I wrote seven food and restaurant stories. I only have three (four after this) so far in the current year and I’m planning to beat last year’s total.


I’d like to believe that this humble success come from each of the posts that I’ve already blogged and will blog about. There’s no blogger out there who has my exact level of skills and knowledge as well as my kind of life and work experience. I’m aware as well of the fact that there’s a multitude of bloggers out there who are way better at what I do. This endeavor asseverated that blogging is a very personal thing. My comments or opinions are essential to my every blog post. I’ve turned subscribers into loyal readers primarily because I’ve shared my very thoughts and what’s keeping me busy, with them. The secondary part comes from the inspiration and pleasure they get from this passion and their idea of learning something new. The latter is actually the part I’m still fervently wishing were true.

We’re all a work in progress. This section of the blog may have now been established but I know that there’s still a multitude of things to work on. Until then, I’ll push on pitching relevant stories to give a gastronomic pleasure to you dear followers—my major inspiration—to satisfy your visual hunger.

Bob, it’s certainly a pleasure yielding to your suggestion! To the owner of the two of the photos in this post, thank you for letting me use them.

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Raise Your Glass … Of Coffee!

I hated coffee when I was younger. Every time I drank coffee, an unbearable headache kicked in. It was only when I stopped drinking it that the headache disappeared. That was sophomore in high school.

A decade later, I set foot on the challenging corporate world where I got to work as an assistant to a lawyer. She’s stunning, very kind, tough, and exceptionally smart. Stressful times only crept in if I was juggling between school deadlines and work’s. I was a part-time instructor.


One day, I was in the middle of a very stressful situation; I needed to pause. Then my feet dragged me to the kitchenette where I smelled the hypnotizing aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. I had forgotten about the younger days. The first thing  I wanted to do upon looking at the decanter was to fill up my mug. My kind of office break got tied to that scene since.

Coffee time in the corporate world is a given. It helps us make it through the hard days, like a friend. At present, I still see it that way. It even penetrated my personal routine. What I want upon waking up other than sending morning greetings to special people back home is a cup of coffee. I never really drank this much to the point that I usually catch myself in a coffee shop when I need to get something off my chest or to spend an alone time.


One of the best lessons that the mountains taught me during my climbing days was we cannot grow at a soul level without solitude. We should see being alone as a gift because it enables us to transform moments of loneliness into moments of awareness. That we are truly never alone. Thank God I get to seek solitude every once in a while.

Recently, I was again in that kind of moment when the best companies I had were a cup of coffee and silence from the familiar. How comforting it was to sit by myself like a solitary bottlenose dolphin thrusting its fluke into the ocean. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a cup of coffee this way.


That said, sipping a cup of coffee with friends sure gives a different pleasure. After all, the best things to douse a night with are a cup of coffee and a real conversation. Don’t you just love looking forward to going home spending time with family or friends, meeting any one of them for a coffee?

Lucky me! Java Time, Starbucks, and dr. Cafe are accessible to me. Now, I have all the reasons to celebrate the wonder that is coffee. It’s the perfect time to think about all of the times when coffee, like traveling, somehow became the answer in some of my life’s challenging moments, which typically take place when the rest of the world dozes off.

Now I’m raising my glass … of coffee for a friend that’s always there!

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The Appetizing Dive Into Indian Summer

Located in one of the main shopping districts of Riyadh, Indian Summer in Hai Ul Murooj is the easiest to reach from our workplace and a good place to go to for those who crave Indian food.

My work friends and I have been frequenting Indian Summer since 2014 but it is only now that I decided to feature it on the blog. After all, it has been almost a year since I published a food blog post. On the 1st of June, Randy, Joel, and I rushed to said Indian Summer Restaurant branch to make the most of the few remaining non-fasting days. That was practically three days before Ramadan started.


We arrived there a few minutes before the Dhuhr prayer finishes. We were the only customers when we entered. Randy asked me and Joel about our preferred food then we let him placed our orders (Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Seafood Fried Rice, Naan Bread, and Gulab Jamum for dessert). He is our trusted connoisseur and the most familiar with the place. He explicitly requested to make the ordered viands extra spicy, as in Indian spicy, which I loved. The wait staff easily obliged. I became very eager to take photos while we were waiting for the food.


The single section, which is on the ground floor, only has eight tables. There is only one part that has a huge over head lamp but the comfortable atmosphere is undeniable. The interior gives that combination of Indian and Saudi vibes though squeezed in a neat space.


After just about four minutes, I went back to our table. Randy suggested the idea of taking photos at the family section, which according to him is a lot nicer. I and Joel immediately asked the receptionist cum cashier if we could get in. He asked the manager first and upon learning that there are no customers anyway, he enthusiastically signaled us to go check it–with a warning that we should leave the premises in the event that family customers start coming in. It is always polite to ask for permission especially when it comes to taking photographs here in Saudi Arabia.


The family section is up a steep flight of stairs. This part of the restaurant shows a more lavish Middle Eastern, Indian feel. Proper air conditioning vents are visible and most of the tables have huge over head lamps. The tables are segregated with partitions and curtains to conform to local customs. We finished our photo op after five minutes and there was still not one customer when we left.

By the time we got back in the single section, the wait staff already started delivering the food. I have a thing with a chili aroma of anything edible so upon noticing the smell, I literally salivated. That was my fifth time visiting the restaurant but my palate still adores it.




All of the dishes looked well-cooked and the presentation was nice. It was an opportune moment to devour the food. As we were mincing the butter chicken, Randy commented that the spice was a bit stronger than what he expected. Nonetheless, it was perfect for my already acquired Bicolano palate. I turned out to be the happiest among us three, especially during desserts’ time.



Whenever I asked an Indian colleague to comment on the restaurant, I usually get this: It is a good one but the dishes do not really fall under authentic Indian cuisine. The flavors are intentionally softened to suit Asian and Western tastes. Indian Summer main courses leave something to be desired because of their weak spicy flavor.

Overall, the restaurant gave me a decent run for my money. I had a delicious dive into the food and into the fraction of Indian history and culture.  The only challenge here is finding a parking lot. The first time I was brought here, we ended up parking at the back of a building, which is on the other side, attached to it. We had to walk past three blocks to get back to the entrance.

Visit for more information about the restaurant and its branches in the city.

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In The Works: A Photobook for My Best Travel Photos

It is every traveller’s dream to have that one photo album highlighting his best travel memories.


A friend on Facebook recently introduced me this idea by way of his photo collage, linked to Photobook Worldwide’s website, posted on his timeline. I was immediately attracted to the idea of weaving the special moments made during my many journeys into a picture album. Capturing treasured experiences that made quite an impact on my life as a person and a traveler in a photo book.

While the traditional photo album—which makes us view our collection of photos manually attached to a page by the use of adhesives—and digital photo album stored in a flash drive, memory card, hard drive, or in your very own cell phone speak for being practical and economical, seeing our beautiful photos of treasured memories on a glossy print is a unique fulfillment.

There is more to that photobook than meets the eye. Think sleek design, special photo effects, custom text, “trendiness” factor, and other aesthetically pleasing features. Photobook Philippines (and their head site, Photobook Worldwide) offers an incredibly varied selection of different Photo book types and other photo based products, all of which are fully personalisable. They got standard binding, which is a far cry from that binder-like book that looks bulky, and even a lay flat binding option, which lets you show off your pictures in full panoramic length. It is also far easier to display the pages considering its space-savvy design.

On the flip side, photobook worldwide can go from my kind of project (photobook for travel photos) to “wedding books, engagement albums, books of trips and one full of family pictures, to personal portfolios and corporate books” as gotten from their site. Other products include Flush Mount Albums, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Canvas Prints, Metal Prints, Notebooks, and various Photo Gifts.

They also have this easy and intuitive Photobook editor software called the Photobook Designer. There is an online version as well as a downloadable offline version, both of which are totally free. It is designed to make book designing easier and you could even use various ready-made book templates consisting of (also free!) creative designs which you can use for different themes and occasions. This gives you a huge head start in designing your photo albums.

Visit the website,, to find out more about their plethora of services.

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A New Place To Treasure: Cararayan, Naga City


Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind is on a summer break…will be back in May!


It’s The Clouds, It’s The Blue Sky, It’s The World Sights Park

Last Tuesday, 15 March 2016, I got the chance to revisit Riyadh’s World Sights Park with my housemates, Alvin and Marwin.


The last time I was here, the cold, dark night was the one immuring the illustrious world landmarks (“How To Make A World Tour In Just One Hour“).


This time around, the weather was perfect for my shooting plans. Thank God! I always thought the place does have an attractively different face during daytime.


Armed with just a cameraphone, I shot the views with emphasis on clouds and the blue sky because they seemed unavoidable in the background.



I never knew Mother Nature has treasure trove of mind-blowing possibilities up, overhead.



Lucky to have arrived before predusk took over. The photos turned out exquisitely beautiful and polychromatic.



I kind of like them more than the photographs I took using a micro four thirds camera during the first visit.







The high, low, and wispy clouds amazingly reflected the sun’s ever changing and vibrant colors as it slowly sets over the horizon on a summer evening. It was a great way to wrap the day up.

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GPS Location/Map HERE!

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Getting More Intimate With Sampinit

Checking my blog’s statistics has been a vital part of my weekend routine. When 2016 started, I noticed that two of my oldest blog posts about the fruit called sampinit have been consistently appearing on my going viral posts. They have been dramatically delivering a lot of hits since the second week of January, which led me to analyzing the hype. The “search terms” helped me a lot.

Based on the terms being searched on Google, I would say people nowadays have a growing interest in exotic fruits that give medical wonders to health. Sampinit seem to be on the top list at least recently. I monitored the search terms for ten weeks now and sampinit related terms such as sampinit flower, sampinit fruit, sampinit taste, where to find sampinit, sampinit jam, sampinit scientific name, and sampinit medicinal usages appear three to five times a week.

As a result, I was compelled to make another blog post after realizing that I did not yet share a crisp photo of a sampinit flower. There was one, which you can see , but not good enough to complement the amazing fruit: The Rarest Wild Raspberry of the Philippines.

It pays to recheck the photos in the archive once in a while. I was surprised that I did save a good photo of sampinit’s flower.


I also decided to get up close with this wonder, now fortune, fruit of mine to give readers a worthy visit to the blog.

Sampinit is a climbing, straggling, prickly shrub, reaching a height of two to three meters, with branches covered by wooly hairs. Stems, buds, petioles, and lower surfaces of the leaves are velvety. Leaves are thin, flat, usually three-to five-lobed, deeply cordate at the base, broadly ovate, and five to fifteen centimeters wide. Upper surface is hairy and prominently reticulate when dry. Flowers are about two centimeters across, usually in small clusters, and borne in racemes at the axils of leaves and at the ends of branches. Calyx lobes are ovate to lanceolate, entire or pectinate. Petals are obovate, white, and shorter than the calyx segments. Berries are bright red, about omcneentimeter in diameter, succulent, slightly acid, with numerous carpels, and hairy receptacle.

It has seven scientific names: Rubus moluccanus Linn., Rubus commersonii Poir., Rubus jamaicensis Blanco, Rubus comintanus Blanco, Rubus apoensis Elm., Rubus rosifolium Sm., and Rubus minusculus Lev. & Van. This plant is found in the Mindanao, Palawan, and Northern Luzon forests at medium and higher altitudes as well as in wet regions at low altitudes. It is actually more popularly known as sapinit in the Philippine. They are also found in the mountains of India through Malaya to Australia and Fiji.

Studies show that the fruit extracts exhibit, aside from Anthocyanin, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, moderate COX inhibitory adtivity and the greatest potential to inhibit cancer cell growth (colon, breast, lung, and gastric human tumor cells). The high anthocyanin content of the fruits suggest a health benefit for a functional food. 

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