Sitio Madlum: Another Bed Of Adventures At The North

Our recent climb to Mount Manalmon in Sitio Madlum three months ago is probably the most memorable as far as the word adventure is concerned. Sitio Madlum not only boasts the historical Mount Manalmon, it also brags other adventuresome places such as the very enchanting river (Madlum River) with a backbreaking monkey bridge on and white boulders around it, the adrenaline pumping jagged rocks and a somewhat mystical cave (Madlum Cave) whose narrow passages can turn spelunking into doing yoga exercises. If you mix these with an opportunity to meet a fellow Pinoy Travel Blogger in the person of the young and talented Ivan Cultura memorable could mutate into such a rewarding experience.

Ivan Cultura is the big man behind He is a renowned travel blogger in the country and to name a few of his many achievements, he was already featured in one of the documentary programs of the most prestigious TV Network in the country, GMA.

What transpired that day will be recounted via the gallery.

It has been a while since I got into a pretty intense adventure in just one day. The arms and shoulder of the giant named Mt. Manalmon; the backbreaking monkey bridge of Madlum river; rock climbing along the way to the summit; and the narrow passages of Madlum Cave are only a few of the many things you can experience in the place. These are another set of genuine nature wonders of the Philippines found in the very pristine place called Sitio Madlum at the north of Luzon.

Sabit-Sabit Mountaineers, guests, and tour guides, thank you for making our adventure more fun and challenging.

For more information (how to get to the place, other things to do, stories, etc.), check this post: Mt. Manalmon Fun Climb and More at Sition Madlum.

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32 thoughts on “Sitio Madlum: Another Bed Of Adventures At The North

  1. My heart is racing and my hands are sweating as I look at these photo’s. What a climb!!!!! WOW …. and correct me if I’m wrong but are those sandals I’m seeing on some of the climbers???
    I wear sneakers and fall. Oh – I should say I do not do any of this. I am afarid of heights but even if I was not afraid, I am not adventurous. I’ll leave that to you and your fellow adventurers. I’m so glad you posted these as it’s the only way I’ll see anything like it. Glad everyone made it out okay. Congrats … on such a brave adventure.
    Isadora ~~~~ : – O ~~~ : – )


      • I always enjoy visiting. You have some very interesting posts. Besides, I’d never do or see these things so I am enjoying you doing them and feel like I’m right there. Have fun – and – always be careful.
        Isadora ~~~~ : – )


  2. wow,i haven’t heard there’s a very beautiful place like that near in our place! Mountain + Cave + River = AWESOMENESS! BTW, is the trail easy to follow? I think I would be including that on our future climb soon. : )


  3. Hardcore activities and beautiful sights to match it, that’s total package adventure. THe climb down the rocks looks difficult and scary. I’d think twice to hundred times before I decide to do that. You obviously have a lot of experience.

    The pics of the rope crossing look awesome. That I think I can do. Hehe


    • Sorry, Bash but I have to disagree. You are as far as what I can see on that photo of yours is concerned. I mean, common, body built like that can sure do more than crossing the monkey bridge.


  4. What a great adventure you had there my friend, not sure if I can cross that monkey bridge and yeah, who can forget your “Indulge” entry where crocodiles can have their fill once someone falls down on that bridge… haha… great effects you had there, just clicked the link back and can’t help but laugh… Have a great day. I miss your blog, I had been away from WordPress for quite a while…


  5. That is some amazing country you have,
    The terrign here is pretty flat. So one doesen’t
    meet many mountian climers. Once I found a
    large hill – but it turned out to be landfill, I think
    see a lot of limestone. I used to collect the
    stone from peoples drive ways to build mountins
    for my dolls to play on. It must be awsome living
    so close to the real thing. The size and scope
    of these photographs is not something I
    encounter very often – is it accomplished
    with a small handheld device – you don’t
    look like you would be toting around a tripod
    up there!


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