A Romantic Weekend Getaway To Taal Volcano In Talisay, Batangas

It’s common to regard February as the month for most of romance to revolve but for nonconformist like me and my used-to-be girlfriend (now wife), October is the month. That is of course subjective. Well, the reasons are simple. Because of financial constraints, we make it a point to celebrate our birthdays during the month of October ever since we’re in a relationship. My birthday falls on the last week of September and hers on the second week of the following month. And we usually celebrate it out of town just like our anniversary.

This trip is the best day of our lives! That’s the statement that always comes out in times we reminisce about it. There’s no better way to practice my “moves” than on a romantic getaway. Beautiful things happened to us during that weekend (20-21 October 2007). I will never forget how “extra” sweet she was with me and vice versa. It also gave us countless opportunities to enjoy each other more than on a regular basis. Talking about number one on the list of reasons why this trip is memorable.

Following to that would be the beauty of Taal Volcano which is also noteworthy despite the fact that my pictures for this post are not as beautiful as the photos I have posted recently. The absence of a decent camera during that time is the reason.

For more information (how to get to the place, activities, tips, etc.) please click site: www.lakwatsero.com.

Feedback is most welcome!

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