Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

This wind instrument is one of my most treasured possessions. I have kept it hidden since the day my father handed it to me 17 years ago. What makes it extra special is, my father had to borrow some gold coins just so he can give me this flute, which is the primary requirement in my music subject back in high school. Finding money back in the day is like mining a blood diamond in the piedmonts of Africa. He had to work his ass off for decades just to pay for it. The least I could do in return is to not let his sweat evaporates into oblivion. I then worked really hard to get an “A” in that subject. Fortunately, I succeeded not only in bagging a high grade but also in keeping this precious as new as it were before–to date.


62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

  1. What a great tribute to your father, Sony. He obviously saw the potential in you, not just succeeding in a music class, but beyond. And it was honorable of you to live up to his expectations by getting an A. In my opinion, you both are great men. Thanks for sharing this inspiring story.


    • You are so welcome, changeversation! That’s the most valuable/tangible thing he’d given me and I am determined to preserve it at all cost. I showed that flute to my high school friends in our reunion one time and they were not surprised but shocked to see how nice my flute still is.


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  3. What a generous and loving father you have. That flute is a reminder of the great dreams he has for you and how much he worked hard to make sure it comes true for you. A very heartwarming version of “hidden.” It shows that even if our fathers are not verbal of their affection, they show it through their selfless actions. God bless you and your family.


    • Exactly, IT. My father is not the showy (of affection) type so things like this one is rare. He never gave me a present on my special days and during Christmas but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. That’s way small for the sacrifices he had given me (to his children) especially in my education. What I value most is the bigger picture of how he supported my dreams.

      Thanks, for sharing a piece of your beautiful mind.

      Regards to the fam.


  4. It is wonderful to hear such a great story, I am glad you appreciated the effort and love your father put into this gift when you were young and have kept it safe and hidden. (do you pull it out of hiding and play it now and then?)
    great post.


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  6. you’re such a sentimentalist bro,I know how it feels when you need to work hard just to get something especially when its for the benefit of your family…I admire your father that even in the midst of hardship he has been able to give and equip you with the things you need..And you’re such a good son for cherishing that flute as one of your treasures..Hand it to your son too and so the lessons of playing it for you to make good memories together..nice idea for the challenge,bro..


  7. This post pulls at the heartstrings Sony! That was very thoughtful and kind of your dad. What a wonderful way to inspire and support you in your musical endeavors. Also, it’s nice to see that you have taken such wonderful care of your flute. What a beautiful symbol of the generously warm spirit that the two of you share. And now you get to share the gift of music with your son! Anyway, thanks for sharing such a lovely post. 🙂


    • I just wish my son would love it too. I let him play with it once but instead of trying the mouthpiece, he used it as a substitute for his missing drum stick. Thanks a lot for the profound words, Donna! Your words are something I always watch out for.


  8. You are an amazing and generous blogger friend. Reading your comment about the pumpkin and its analogy made me realize that blogging is in a way being a Christian in spirit. We are here to inspire, to make a difference, to help and make someone better and happier. Your post as well as those I consistently follow also brings a smile to my day and brings forth bright and optimistic possibilities. ” Salamat din” and God bless you and your family always…


  9. A friend of mine never dreamed she could have any musical talent
    until she found a dusty old violin stored away in a warehouse owned
    by her uncle.

    The man rented storage space and would sell unclaimed
    goods – even a relatively “cheep” violin, is still a very valuable
    find – mostly unclaimed boxes were filled with old documents
    and there was nothing worth selling. He sold her the instrument
    for only several weeks of her allowance.

    It was not until she was older that she learned the true
    value of instrument, was many times what she had given
    her uncle, the man prided himself on knowing the value
    of his merchandise – and was known to everyone else for
    his hard bargains.


  10. Awww, this is a very touching story. I’m sure your father is also lucky to have a son who knows how to appreciate and value his hard work. Taking care and keeping an object for a long time is really a challenge so I really commend your effort in taking care of this memorabilia.


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