Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I consider the subject on these photos an object of wonder, and, to date, I still wonder if this plant is indeed a new species.

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60 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

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  6. I bet it is. If it’s a new species, do you have a name in mind? I had a lot of fun reading your comments. Now I do really have a Bro when it comes to fascination with the supernatural and the underworld. Everything on your list , I followed too. The secret circle cool. Dark witch craft and all. Next season by Jan. 4,2012…”bitin!” Moonlight was actually great too but it ended abruptly. Have you seen Teen Wolf and HBO’s The Walking Dead? After a long day at work I would watch my recorded series while eating breakfast. It has been a routine that I look forward too after an exhausting 12 hour graveyard shift.
    Our son’s gives us the opportunity to experience our once amazing childhood. Everyday I thank God that he gave me the most priceless gift I could ever ask for, my son. He completes me and my wife in ways I can never describe but can’t do without.
    God bless you my friend and your wonderful family. The volcano trip was an enjoyable event. Thanks for sharing them. Any cool series you want to recommend?


    • Thanks for the info about The Secret Circle. Here in the Philippines, it’s still up and running. It just started for like a month ago so I assume magiging bitin nga. Anyway, Teen Wolf and The Walking Dead are something new to me nonetheless I will sure dig the Underworld (Kuta ng mga Pirata) to find those. Seems like they sound interesting! Actually, it’s how I kind of recharge when I can’t go outdoors due to either budgetary or “commander’s” constraints. The problem is, once I started watching I can’t take my eyes of the boobtube until I’m done with a particular T.V. series. What I usually do is to just buy a DVD of a single season or two then one sitting or marathon. That’s how my hunger can be satisfied and it became my practice since I’ve gotten busier. Back in college and high school, I follow a bunch of T.V. shows like crazy until I worked and raised a family. Too much info there.

      Cool series? H’m … The Secret Circle so far resurrected the T.V. junkie in me after quite sometime. When I meant quite sometime, it means the last time the boobtube junkie possessed me was during the time Heroes, Prison Break, Without A Trace, a bit of One Tree Hill, … were rocking the house. So, other than The Vampire Diaries, I have nothing in mind now.

      Now, may I ask the same favor from you? Considering the available channels you can access there, I’m pretty sure you have plenty to recommend. I could maybe find whatever you can recommend in the Underworld. Hehe …

      God bless you too and your sweet family. I couldn’t thank you more for sharing with me your purposeful thoughts or should I say bright ideas.


  7. Now that is one strange looking plant. This is the second blog I’ve visited participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge. You guys have a really great community of photogs having fun with this. I only take pictures of my thumbs and headless people, so what you do is most impressive to me.


    • Thank you, MDR, for taking time to visit me here! I couldn’t thank you enough for an effort coming from a brilliant blogger moreso the BIG words you wrote there.

      Kudos to that enlightening post of yours that made it to Freshly Pressed!


  8. I’ll call it “Foursilog” short for ‘ang apat na itlog”…. kaso it sounds like it comes from the family of TAPSILOGS…. hahahahahha…


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