Bagolatao Trilogy’s Part 3: Dipping In The Seawaters

Amidst my now urban life’s constant uproar, I refuse to forget how nature nourishes me. There is a big difference between watching the azure waters and plunging into it.


Did you ever wonder why you do not want to leave the seawater that easy especially when you were a lot younger?


This explains why swimming in the sea is something I and Ms. Wonderwall must do every summer getaway. I could not be any happier knowing that she was influenced by my notion of nature therapy. Thank heavens the weather was perfect!


We could not deny the cleansed feeling each time we emerge from the waters.


As soon as we were done swimming, a young boy approached us and asked if we would want to go boating (for P20.00) to explore the rock shelter in the vicinity and the Bagolatao coastline or sipped from a freshly picked coconut (P10.00 each).


We replied we will do both on the condition that we have to do the latter first as swimming for about two hours drained our energy.


The coconut’s healthy water and gelatinous meat are instantly thirst-quenching and re-energizing.


Before we bade adieu to White Pebbles Beach, we again rolled around on its fine pebbles for another rejuvenating treat just like the sands’ natural exfoliating qualities.


Paying a brief visit to the Bicol Shell Museum, which is opposite the resort’s entrance, became our final side trip. Inside the museum are hundreds of different shells guaranteed to catch your interest. In contrast, I would rather see shellfishes in their habitat.


This immersion in nature did not only put the juggling things inside my head into perspective and recharged my (and, of course, Ms. Wonderwall’s) batteries, it also put me at my happiest.


Furthermore, the experience reminded me exactly of what we are trying to enhance: protect and preserve when we turn off that unnecessary light or fix that dripping tap literally and in our day-to-day lives.


The unadulterated bounties of White Pebbles Beach and its surroundings are testaments to a graceful and symbiotic relationship between man and nature. No wonder, summer has always been the best season for me, and I see nature as absolute fuel for the body and soul.

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mabel Kwong says:

    White Pebble Beach looks like paradise. I think you’d say it’s paradise. Marvellous snaps, Sony. Beautiful scenery and it looks so calm there, and you and Ms Wonderwall look very happy together. Very cute. Life looks so simple when we’re enjoying nature and it’s surrounds. No rushing, no shouting, no stress – just you and the world at your feet. Literally. Enjoy summer. It’s winter in Melbourne where I am but I think at some point I’ll brave it down to the beach.


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Mabel, I exalt nature and I will never get tired of appreciating her. Her beauty is just magical. Makes me feel closer to our Creator.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post!Very useful info for visiting places in the Bicol Region.


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