King Abdullah Financial District and its Conference Centre by Night and Day

It is a given that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia do not erect buildings on a mediocre level, especially at the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD).

So whenever I passed by the area, I am wired to crane my neck or look up and just marvel at the ephemeral architectural wonders presented by this rising financial district albeit the apparent finishing work.

I have managed to take a few snapshots of it on broad daylight and during the couple of times I watched a movie in one of the buildings in it at night. I posted a few of them on Instagram eventually and some of them got featured on a few prominent accounts that promote Saudi Arabia and Riyadh’s beauty, respectively.

There are a lot of promising buildings but undoubtedly there is one that stands out so far: the KAFD Conference Centre which is a reminiscent of Louvre in Paris.

SOM – New York is the architect firm responsible for the erection of this 305,157 ft² gorgeous centre with a 600-seat capacity. It was completed last year prior to the reopening of the cinemas and it provides a conference, film, and lecture spaces but the most interesting one is, it houses the AMC Cinemas which is the first of its kind that piloted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the reopening of movie theaters after 35 years in the abyss.

What I love most about this centre is the screen that is ergonomically positioned to not strain the eyes. I prefer watching here than in Vox Cinemas at Riyadh Park (Riyadh Park’s Grandeur and the Cinemas).

Moreover, the outstanding visual attractions inside out made me feel really special. I can immediately tell that they were built to impress every visitor each time. The garden wall is also a thing to behold because it evokes the feeling of the common desert sights such as the tweiqs and sprouting flora.

The KAFD Convention Centre is truly a world-class theatre and auditorium.

The district, as a whole, has brought my appreciation of nocturnal photography to another level. The scenery of the buildings springs to new life with all those lights on marking contrast to the darkness in the background at night.

I have never been prouder of my night photography endeavors particularly of this part of the city until that moment I framed the picture below.

This is definitely a recommended place for both day and night photography of architectural wonders.

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