Sunday Post: Landscape

Simplicity as well as neatness is more eloquent than beauty.

Nagsasa Cove in Black and White (03.21.10)

As I was experimenting on the colors of the photo, which I usually do when I just put one entry for a particular theme, I saw the simple beauty of black and white in landscapes. Hence, I was lured to retain the colors. There’s a certain power from these colors that makes one look back at history–of photography and videography. Moreover, black and white colors convey exquisite beauty because of the elimination of distractions in the photo.


30 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Landscape

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  2. We are able to appreciate the real beauty of a place or a person when they are at their simplest. As you said, no distractions, just the pure magic of the subject and all that it has to offer. Beautiful Bro, it also reflects the simple, generous and humble person you are…those traits are truly inspiring . Hope you don’t change….the world needs people like you. Wishing you all the best…


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