Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

The highlight of my adventure to Mount Manalmon in the province of Bulacan a couple of weeks ago: indulging in the thrill of crossing Madlum river using the two-rope bridge.

Photo Credit: Mr. Paul Basco


44 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. Wow Sony, great picture. I would not and could not do this. The closest I came was on a ten mile hike up in the Cascade mountains I had to cross over a pretty big drop on a long log, (big and fatter than that wire) accross a pretty deep drop to get accross to the next side. I thought I would die.lol! I see this and well all I can say is WOW not me! lol I know I would die! I see you have share buttons so I hope it is ok that I share this with my friend that made the hike with me. Thank you for your great adventures and pictures.


  2. You have got to be kidding me!! Wow, that’s one crazy pic… be very proud of it! This would be a good candidate to have enlarged and framed for your wall at home. Now I’m curious – are you ‘tied off’ or secured in any way up there? I didn’t see any safety lines. Great pic! 🙂


    • Actually, there were no alligators in that pic. My friend, Paul, was the one who had that brave/brilliant idea so that he edited it. Didn’t know the crocodile turned out so real. I would love to try that though. I mean crossing the rope bridge while the supposed gators are waiting for me to fall.

      Bonnie, and the rest of those kind-hearted people here who were impressed, a big THANK YOU!


      • They indeed do look real…and very eager for you to slip…☻… We have gators here, not crocks, and they pretty much stay to their own habitat until some knuckle head has a cook-out and throws chicken scraps to the back of their lot…Bless you…and Dito…on the conversing thing elsewhere…


      • hahaha you trick me, but is it really possible for you to cross a river ”full” alligators with a two roped bridge if you can, I’m a really great fan of yours actually even if you can’t do it I’m istill your fan


  3. Fear factor…”Wondering Feet” edition. Bro, I admire your courage…crossing a thin line over a bunch of hungry crocodiles….that’s pure courage. I could feel my heart palpitating just the thought of how scary it must have been doing what you did. What if the wire snapped? Hmmm….but I do know you your Daredevil skills will come in hand. What a thrilling post….just full of adrenaline! Thanks for the sharing such an amazing experience. Wishing you and your family all life’s blessings….


  4. thought it was real until I read your comment and find out it was edited but looks real to me, though… but really, how thrilled are you when you crossed that monkey bridge? You are such an adventurer my friend… 🙂


  5. Great shot Sony! I was wondering about those gators??? Ha! Ha! I love the shot with “or” without the gators. That looks like a lot of fun my friend. That is what I call some serious indulging. 🙂


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