Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

In my almost five years of wandering, I learned that travel is always an adventure. I have encountered countless adventures that made me shout for joy (“The Playground of Demigods and Nephilims“), gape at the visceral blow of a revelation (“The Doors and Mud-Built Houses of Ushaiger Heritage Village“), cry in silence from disappointment (“A Series of Unfortunate Events“), marvel at the exquisite beauty of nature (“A Magical Site Trip to Lobo Beach Club & Spa“), yell at the universe (“Embraced by the Labyrinth’s Trail of Mount Marami“) and so forth. But, there is nothing quite like an adventure from traveling on your own as it brings you on a whole different dimension (“Romanticizing the Ruins of Cagsaua Church“). A dimension that will fill your senses with both dread and excitement of encountering the endless possibilities of the world out there.


Traveling on your own is a beneficial experience. Everyone is encouraged to have at least one solo travel in his lifetime (“Life Lessons From My First Solo Travel to The Most Famous Cove In Luzon“). Give yourself that freedom to undertake the journey of traveling on your own while you keep in touch with loved ones and make an effort to develop new connections on the road (“Urban Spelunking (Second Episode: Earth & Air” and “Revisiting the Most Famous Cave in Cagayan Valley On A Whim“). You will be surprised at how you can create lasting bonds and memories that will shape your character in deep and lasting ways (“2013: A Milestone Year for Stories of the Wandering Feet & Mind“).

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. vastlycurious.com says:

    Really nice post and photo!


  2. Nice image composition here. Way to go!


    1. Sony Fugaban says:

      Thank you! Anawangin really holds a special place in my heart.


  3. The problem with travel is that too many other people have to be relied upon to make it a good experience: airline, hotel, rental car….. If any other individual messes up, it can make for a bad travel experience.


  4. soulmeaning says:

    that was amazing.. really .. i agree with you that traveling is great .. it make really enjoy our time and learn a lot of new things and that makes every thing exciting i truly admire your posts and good luck in the rest of your adventures..


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