Feel a Connection with the Ocean through Fathom Bracelets’ ANTILLA Thimble Charm Bracelet Paracord Rope

Long before I fell in love with the mountains, there was the ocean and/or sea that first gave me the kind of comfort I wanted. That was the very moment I learned about the essence of solitude, when I first swam at the beach of Buguey in Cagayan back in high school. Since then, being at the place or just seeing it gives me happiness, solitude, comfort, extraordinary energy, and…healing. And now that my access to it comes only for a few times (sometimes just once) in a year, I wanted something that will always keep me connected with it. That place where I feel convivial, comforted, recharged, and healed.

Thank God, I came across “ANTILLA Thimble Charm Bracelet Paracord Rope in matte black”—a minimalist nautical bracelet from Fathom Bracelets that is designed for real ocean lovers, water element people, aquaphiles, or beach lovers.

The story behind its creation and design did not only assure me that I will always be reminded but constantly connected with the water element.

My thumbs are up to the creators who came up with the idea of creating bracelets that tell a story and portray the feelings, inspiration, and emotions sailors have while on the ocean. The idea of course extends to ordinary people who are simply thalassophile by nature.

Fathom’s abstract idea of the sea and the ocean that is not literal but very hidden via this bracelet is simply GENIUS! So upon stumbling upon it and learning about the backstory last February this year, I did not hesitate to place an order; I chose the bestseller piece.

I was supposed to have it before vacation for beachineering but it did not make it on time. An unwitting event got in the way. I am grateful that Fathom’s crew were with me hand in hand during that event. Their prompt response was disarming.

Now that I am back to base from vacation, I realized that the delay was on purpose. See, when I was staring at its entirety, which is oozing with elegance and simplicity, upon unboxing it, I was brought back to my favorite time: when I was one with the ocean, with the sea.

The images running through my head were as crystal clear as the water of Camurawayan Cove in Camarines Sur, especially that moment when I was being embraced by its celestial, fluid, and gentle arms. Also, when I was gaping at its vastness and at the offing’s glorious placidness…it made me want to settle in for like a long, long time…I somehow felt reborn, retuned, and reinvigorated upon emerging.

It all make sense now—the story behind its creation and design.

From here on out, wherever I am or wherever I go, I feel an instant and exquisite connection to the ocean each time I look at this bracelet. This is exactly its purpose for me. I could not be any happier I found it.

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